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Danny 76


Max Meehan

As a long-time fan, reader, and fellow fat dude who also wears flannel, I think you need Ambrose as much as he needs you. Sure, you'd be giving the guy a rub by working with him, but after everything I have seen you do over the last several years, you sure as hell need a shot at redemption yourself.

Seriously, are you going to go out as Foley Clause, or the guy who hosted "John Cena, this is your life?" I hate to knock you, but you seem like you're just cashing in on your legacy and getting pantsed for a pay check every time you get trotted out. Bob Barker gets more respect than you do for god's sake.

The man they now call Ambrose has a lot of credibility and talent. In fact, his matches before FCW are one of the reasons why I still LOVE wrestling. If anything, YOU could use a rub from HIM. This was a potentially great story, so I hope it actually happens. If not, good luck with your Gobbledy Gooker vignette at the next Survivor Series PPV. Seriously, you're turning into the next Brooklyn Brawler. I don't like it. I don't want it. But it's happening.

Also, I think it's weird that you have made being a family man such a huge part of your character, and yet you get flustered when people bring up your kids. You bring them up in order to get over or explain your character's motivation, and yet you don't want them brought up in a negative context? Seems hypocritical. You exposed everyone to your family.


So let me get this straight.

Your blog suggest that at some point you were "working" an angle with Dean Ambrose where the storyline was that Ambrose was (in his weird way) sticking up for the kids that emulated you and nearly killed themselves in the process.

If you'd said that Dean Ambrose was working his own program and you didn't want any part of it from minute one, then fine. I'm still not sure I'd buy it, but at least then the logic would hold up - Mick Foley, retired wrestler, being drug into a battle by an attention-seeking developmental wrestler.

But you're not saying that. You're intimating that you were going along with it, but then Dean Ambrose did what, exactly? Tweeted that he wanted you to end up in a wheelchair? Said that he wanted your family to starve? *That* is the so-called magical line that Dean Ambrose crossed?

The problem with this logic, Mick, is that you're expecting the tiny segment of the fanbase that you're working this angle towards (the hardcore fans that understand what you and Ambrose are talking about) to buy this, but are doing so in the most ham-handed TNA/WCW-ish manner possible. You're expecting us to buy that you were working an angle until Dean said something you didn't like and now you don't want to work the angle.

And this tells a story or suspends my disbelief how?

Because some of the above comments aside, I can't imagine these folks really believe that you're not going to work this program with Ambrose. Your protestations aren't credible. I've read your books, Mick, including the "Hardcore Diaries", and I understand your thought process when it comes to creating a wrestling storyline. And the idea that Ambrose's insults of your family (a time-honored wrestling tradition)would cause you to put the kibosh on a program doesn't ring true.

So here's my suggestions from the cheap seats - if you're going to work in character, work in character. Let the Mick Foley wrestling character be insulted. Let the Mick Foley wrestling character "walk away" from the fight.

But don't try to go Vince Russo on us and suggest that this is somehow real. We're smarter than that, Mick.


Dean Ambrose is an overratted, boring, terrible looking excuse for an athlete.
Usually I would say ''dont take stuff so seriously. No sell and stiff the kid in the ring, and show him to shut his mouth." but to hell with it, dont even give him the chance to get in the ring with a big name such as yourself. Hopefully this Amrbose hype will die off and I'll never have to see that twerp on my tv screen.

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