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Jarrett Ruvinsky

Hey Mick!
Met you at BEA, was the first on line, Jarrett from Best Bargain Books in Centereach, Hope everything is moving along nicely with Countdown to Lockdown and you are doing well. I know I am psyched! I'd love to have you in for the book and possibly a book launch so we could kick off your tour with a bang! (bang...!) in your own backyard!

Wasn't sure which site you frequent most so i sent the same message to your other links. I apologize for the monotony. Also wasn't sure where to post...just joined today.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


Best Bargain Books


Eric Plunk

I think TNA would be crazy not to pick up Danielson after the 90 day no-compete is up. He would be a welcome change from all of the goofiness that makes it on air these days!


Danielson is a huge loss to WWE and if they are to blind to see it, they will later on. He has more talent than some current stars. I agree with you Mick, Desmond and Bryan would be an awesome match to see.

Joseph Zeug

Mick, I do agree that the firing of Bryan Danielson was a mistake and I also as well hope that this is a indeed a "work". But if it isn't I hope TNA does pick up Bryan. I've been lucky to see his earlier matches in ROH and the man is an incredible talent. If WWE is stupid to let him go due to the choking rule then Vince is a complete idiot. Frankly if this isn't a 'work' my true feelings is that the firing wasn't for the choking rule, but because Bryan used the Crippler Crossface manuever without clearing it with the WWE first, and Vince wants to stay away from any press or recall of anything that has to due with Chris Benoit. And if that is really and truly the case, then Vince is a bigger moron than I imagined.

That is truly my guess on this whole deal. The WWE doesn't want to even mention Chris or anything that has to do with Chris due to the tragedy that happened with him and his family due to the negative press. Personally my feelings are that while what Chris did was wrong, his accomplishments in the ring and what he gave us in terms of incredible match performances should not be ignored or shunned. That's my gut feelings on this Mick.


Great blog Mick. I totally agree with you about Danielson and the NXT angle. The only issue I have with the NXT angle is. That they are trying to do that, and push the second season of NXT. I think thats going to confuse some people, and the 1st season of NXT angle is going to overshadow season two.


Hey, Mick! I was wondering why you haven't put any new blogs on Myspace. It seems I've missed a few blogs, haha.

I was pretty surprised when I heard about Bryan Danielson being released. And I won't lie, I was more than surprised... I was pissed, haha. I hope it is part of something bigger because he's really awesome. Then again, I would love to see what he could do in TNA with some of the guys TNA has too. There are so many dream matches in both companies that make me want to see him cloned and in both. ;)

Anyway, missed your blogs. Can't wait for the next one!

Eric Plunk

@ Joseph, HBK has used the crossface several times since Benoit's sad ending.

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