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Chloe Cumming

Mick! I just found your blog, I'm guessing from the lack of comments it's a well kept secret, I was just emailing you and thought I'd check your myspace to see if I'd missed any obvious developments.

That sounds an incredible experience in India, it is hard to imagine that poverty really existing, even when you know it does.

I have witnessed Jay Lethal's Flair, so I can see exactly where you're coming from there.


Being someone who still tends to write everything by hand instead of typing (or, finding myself typing endless handwritten pages and wondering why I didn't type it in the first place) I can understand the weirdness of the whole writing/typing/online transition completely. It took me a loooooong time to gain any trace of typing speed...lol. But your blogs are a lot of fun to read, as are your books. Having you in our little online world definitely makes things much more enjoyable!


Thanks for mentioning me. :)

I never imagined India to have a really powerful love or knowing of the wrestling world, haha. When I always thought of India, I have a very stereotypical view of their country, I guess. It's really cool to know there are fans there. Makes me feel excited as a wrestling fan to know there are fans of wrestling on every inch of the earth, well, almost, haha.

Can't wait for your next blog, Mick!

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