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Jason Wilson

The introduction is a bit long. I get it, its daytripper 22 t.v. It was an alright video, but if your going to interview someone I really think you should know your facts first. The persona of Cactus Jack is legendary, at least to people who have followed wrestling for over the last twenty years. Calling you Captain Jack was a bit embarrassing to watch, although I could see you in a pirate uniform screaming out the motto, "Eyes will put ye through the plank!!" Other then that, you look great man and I can't wait to see Hardcore Justice. It will be first pay-per-view I fork over my hard earned money to see in the last five years. It is worth it to see you and Tommy Dreamer in some hardcore matches just one more time.

Howard Han

Mick -

We've got a couple of photos with you (along with many many others) up in our annual photogallery:


Let me know if you still need the info for that Hell in a Cell print.

Nick Peer

Hey, Mick! I don't have any pics of you from Comic Con. But a few months back, you were at a convention with Raven called Adventurecon, in East TN.

I only talked with you for a few moments since I was with a group that weren't really wrestling fans, but I just want to say thank you again. At last October's adventurecon, you filmed a short little message for my little cousin. It made his month when he saw it. I had it put on a DVD for him, and he loved it.

I haven't communicated with him a lot since then. From what my family tells me, he's hanging out with a rough crowd. I hope that passes. He's a good kid, but gets swayed a bit easy into stuff he shouldn't. When you're young, it's easy to do.

In any case, thank you again. Alongside Sting, you're probably my favorite wrestler, and to have you do that for him was a real treat.

Also, I hear that you're involved (not in that way) with Tori Amos, which was also an awesome thing to find out. It was so cool to hear that your pre-match ritual, instead of listening to power metal or something, was listening to "Winter". I know from various articles that you're involved with her organization, RAINN, which is very good. I don't know how much I can help out at the time, since I don't have a job at the moment, but once I do, I'll be sure to make regular donations. One of my best friends went through a traumatic experience a while back, and I know what it's like to know someone who's been abused in that way. I'll be sure to do what I can to help when possible.

Thanks for reading this, Mick. Have a nice day.

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