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Todd Lorenz

Good list, Mick. I actually didn't care for The Wrestler, perhaps because it disturbed me. I *know* Beyond The Mat bothered me on deep levels I don't want think about much, for two reasons...first, I found watching your family's reaction to the chair shots to be excruciating. Second, I was a HUGE Jake Roberts fan during my first go round with the WWF...from around Wrestlemania 2 until he left and kind of dropped off the map; I remember a brief appearance in WCW that went nowhere. It really hurt me to see what the man had become. I don't think I've watched that movie since I saw it in a theater opening day, nor do I intend to.

Three of my faves in no particular order:


I like Peter Pan a whole lot and have since I was a child, but I might prefer The Lion King. Take care, sir.

Martin Burris

The Iron Giant is one of my 3 yr old twin daughter's favorites.

Jason Wilson

I love reading your stuff Mick, your are a very funny and talented individual. That being said, you forgot about the three greatest movies ever made. Biloxi Blues, Willow, and Cool Runnings!!! Actually every time I watch Kofi Kingston about to speak, before he mysteriously lost his accent, I prey he yells out Coooool Runningsssss and kisses the egg he pulls out of his tights. Now that my friend, would be a wrestling moment to remember.


After reading Wicked, I agree on your thoughts on The Wizard of Oz.

My top 3:

Airplane (still cant deny the bang for the buck with this choice)

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the first one, so many more bad dreams as a kid from this.)

and a tie for 3rd

Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein (two Mel Brooks classics that are hard to choose between)


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