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James Lacerenza

What an awesome story, Mick! Hehe,giant screws...lolol!

Jason Wilson

Fantastic read my friend. I love the way you use words to paint a picture.


Mick, this entire story made me have a huge smile on my face. I've always liked President Clinton, even though he was President when I was young and this made me like him more. He obviously has good taste in authors. :) Once again, also you've managed to make me laugh and smile all in the matter of a few words.

"I had always hoped that wrestling fans (or fans of my books, or "Robot Wars" or some of my earlier adult film work) would feel that the time they spent waiting to see me was time well spent."

Even though it was a comedy show and not a book signing, I walked away feeling my time very well spent after meeting you. I might have even bragged about meeting you for weeks. ;) Haha. I just wanted to say that.

Will look for those appearances and twitter? I think you've just made my day, Mick! You'll be addicted to the website soon like the rest of us!


hey Foley...are u going to have a book signing tour for ur next book??

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