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cindy blackmon

you know mick luna was a real tough woman in the ring you are right about that i had almost forgotten about her i wondered what had happened to her and wondered if anyone kept in touch mick your a wonderful guy and a true friend if i do say so myself





That last paragraph was beautiful. It really hit hard. Thank you.

Rest in Peace, Luna.


wow that was beautiful, maybe somewhere she is in some way reunited with the late great Bam Bam Bigelow, I thought they were one of the most perfect duo's in the history of wrestling, I can't think of many other duo's more perfect for one another.


One of the best women's wrestler out there...She will truely be missed.

Jerry Clayworth


I've been a fan of yours for so many years, and whether it be your commitment to the business, your genuine love for your family, friends, and fans, or the thrill you've given fans like me at meeting you and shaking your hand early in the morning following an exhausting match in the ring the evening before... You're a true (literal & figurative) giant of the industry!

Your tribute to Luna is a beautiful thing, and I'm sure that she takes the knowledge of your love & respect for her along on this journey.

I met Luna a couple of times here in San Antonio, and she was absolutely the most genuine, gracious, and kind woman that you can imagine... She took a photo with me, signed a couple of autographs, then invited me to sit and talk with her, as she was quite early for her flight time. I'll never forget her ring persona, but even beyond that, I'll always treasure those opportunities to see just a little bit of the real Luna.

You're a great man, Mick Foley!

--Jerry in Texas

Vale Anoa'i

Mick, that was BEAUTIFUL. It absolutely captured the essence of Luna; the sweet, sensitive, wonderful heart she had underneath that tough-as-nails exterior. My family was devastated when we heard the news; dad's known Luna since she was around 12 or 13 years old, she was always considered part of our family, would often come over to do a show, and end up staying for a week just to be with us. It's always so heartbreaking when one of our Wrestling Family moves on to that big arena in the sky..

Much love,

Vale Anoa'i

Terry Willitts

Luna Vachon was one of, if not my favourite, female wrestlers of all time. She could do it all, from mainstream wrestling to sports entertainment to hardcore, and she brought that same intensity to all of it.

I'd seen her live a couple times - back in the days of Kevin Sullivan hanging from the Tree of Woe, eating his Cosmic Cookies in florida in the 80s, and again in the mid 90s at an ECW show (again in FL), teaming up with Tommy Dreamer against Raven and Stevie Richards. (Both times I rooted against her - when I was a kid, Kevin Sullivan's troupe were scary and evil to me, and as a twenty-something, I was a full-fledged member of Raven's flock.) But she never failed to deliver.

Thank you for showing another side of her; growing up as a wrestling fan in the late 70s and early 80s, I wholeheartedly bought into the Vachon mystique. Mad Dog was one of the most feared names from my childhood. Luna brought that mystique into the 80s and 90s and made it all her own.

She will never be forgotten.

Kevin Hunsperger

Very well said, Mick. Rest in peace, Luna.

Liz Blade

Mick your writing just flowed through me, it was one huge motion like a wave crashing down. The things you said about Luna was like pictures jumping off a screen.

Rest in Peace now Luna, Those Demons can't get you anymore. Farewell and Good bye. Every time i see a caterpillar from now on I will see it so differently. Thanks Mick, Thanks to you Luna. Thanks for the memories


Another touching, thoughtful, and even insightful look at whom I now understand to be a very special person in your life, leaving in a tragic way. I'm glad the two of you had a bond that you both cared deeply about. I would've loved to see her one last time as you described, but she more than left an unforgettable history as is, including the time you referenced. I suppose she was the Roddy Piper to Sable's Hogan, in a sense. She was a valuable part of the industry in many different eras. Thank you for sharing this tribute and for honoring her as a friend through the end. She led a richer life for it.

Mary Jane Powell

Mick, I still remember a Monday night WWE at the Center, where there was a Chinese food sitdown at the Loading Dock, with Luna, Chyna, Moolah, Mae Young and they invited me to sit in with them.(since I always watched out for them, I remember Luna telling me.)Very special memory for me and it immediately came back to my mind when I heard of her passing.

Josh Jabcuga

If only life could be a "work" and we could manipulate our destinies. Bittersweet, Mick. Thanks for the insight and the tribute to Luna. Josh Jabcuga


Wow Mick, that was beautiful! My family and I have been big Wrestling fans for over 3 decades now and it's always sad when we hear of a passing. But Luna, we had loved her for many years and she was truly unforgettable. Every Generation has those few wrestlers that you feel that you HAVE to see them whenever they appear, they have this hold on you. And she definitely had it! THANK YOU MR. FOLEY FOR ALLOWING THE FANS A SMALL OUTLET THAT WE MAY REMEMBER MS. LUNA VACHON. P.S. Your cage match with the Undertaker, where you went thru the top, off the top onto a table, is by far" THE GREATEST WRESTLING MATCH OF ALL TIME"!


Hi Mick :0) Great you speak about Luna a person of Québec, i am enough old to have watched her a lonnggg time ago.

Her father was in the business.

Luna is not known in Québec by the general people, but from people who watched wrestling yes. Her voice was weird lol

Mick you are a great writer... continue that way...

Hi from Montréal xxx


Very well said, sir.

Vale Anoa'i

Here's the piece I wrote about her. http://www.1wrestling.com/2010/08/29/memories-of-my-other-mother-luna-vachon/

Len Taylor

Mick, you have written a touching tribute to a lady who was indeed beautiful where it TRULY counts. The soul! Thanks for penning this.


wonderfully written as nearly always mick ;)

My fondest memories of luna might be of playing as her on the monday night raw video game for the snes...

She used to scare the hell out of me in a what a crazy woman type way...BUT...her contributions to the sport are long lasting and surely will never be forgotten. She is truly a legend and I hope her legacy is never forgotten and she gets due respect form wwe and is an inductee to their hall of fame.

James Davis

Sometimes I sense that we as fans might not do enough to communicate our appreciation for the performers who give up their bodies and sacrifice their personal lives so that they may entertain. Sometimes I think we falsely assume that the performers just instinctively know. Reading this, I now wish in this age of accessability that I would have dropped Luna a line telling her what terrific catapiller she was.

Mick, thank you for the moving tribute. 15 years after your ECW promos, 12 years after Hell in the Cell, and 11 years after your first book, you STILL have the ability to make me go "WOW"

Rest In Peace Luna

Hilda Duell

As I read your post Mick I could not help myself from breaking into tears. You know how much I respect and admire wrestlers(all of them). Luna was one very unique lady, loved watching her in the ring with Bam Bam.
I did my tribute to her. Perhaps one day you can read it. MAy she rest in Peace. I know your heart is broken Mick at the loss of this wonderful multi-colored beautiful caterpiller that out shined the beauty of any butterfly. Just remember MIck she is with you.


Mick, I also had the pleasure of speaking with Paul Vachon in Waterloo last month and he told us the story of how Luna got her name. It was a great memory from a spectacular weekend. P.S. I still feel bad about my wife pestering you at the bar.


You tribute to Luna is very lovely Mick. I haven't cried this much in a long time.
Rest in peace, Luna


Mick, you have such a way with words. That was one of the most touching things I have ever read. My best wishes to the Vachon family.


Unfortunately for me, I was too young to have seen her early work and and had gotten out of wrestling before her work in the late 90s, so really I only have a few memories of watching her in 93-94. Still, she always stood out to me, how could she not, and being able to remember how powerful her presence was by reading you words is a pleasure. There will never be anyone like her.

Philip From Maine

I mailed a few wrestling magazines to Luna the day before she passed away. Hope her family received them. There were some good a articles on her. Rest in peace Luna. You will be missed.

Lone Wolf

Hey Mick, I don't know how you were able to put that eulogy together. I know you must've been overcome quite a few times while you wrote that elegant piece, but, thanks so much for putting that together brother! Thanks for the sentiment! You wouldn't let her go without it, would you?

Thanks again from an appreciative friend! There's so many of us out here that care about you and Luna, and all the rest, and how you all get on in this some times perplexing life.

Peace to the end, and thanks again.

Brother Christian

captain harlan

Loved reading this Mick. I've been a long time wrestling fan. I think I secretly wanted to become a wrestler in my teen years. I am saddened by the passing of another wrestler. I really loved Luna. She was so entertaining. I hope that somehow she found peace


Thanks Mick - that was an amazing tribute and here's a match you might remember that featured Luna in a supporting role:


Rob Taylor

Beautiful... We all lose people close to us, or even those we never met... but Mick sums it up there... To us it's someone in a ring... or on a TV when I was a teen... to Mick it's a friend... but now we know we were all Luna's friends...

S Watkins

This was great, Mick. You have an amazing gift. Luna made her mark on the wrestling industry that we all love, and she won't be forgotten. Thanks for sharing this beautiful message with us.

GateMaster Tiny Tim Savage

Mick that was a beautiful remembrance of Luna. I only had the pleasure of meeting her once, but it was truly an experience. Luna was an old school wrestler and one of the early divas only then the term was valet or manager. Luna's fight with her demons is over and she can wrestle with the the boys and girls in the Ring of Heaven peacefully!!!


Very sad hearing about her right after you posted on here about the fire. I was already thinking about her for that reason and was shocked when it was all over the internet a few days later. I wasn't a fan of wrestling while she was on, but she was too young and it's just sad. Your blog was very touching though and I'm sure she'll be missed more than words can say.

Daryll B.

Thx Mick for sharing this. I try to tell my friends that wrestlers are real down to earth people outside of their in ring "personas".

Luna will be missed as a wrestler but having met her several times in NY and in Fl, I am going to miss the smart, caring person.

But well demons start flipping those cards uncovering your weaknesses... hard so very hard not to listen...

Thank You for the memories Luna... and the great insights. Truly a woman I admired...


A beautiful and moving tribute, thank you so much for sharing your memories of Luna.


I was deeply saddened to hear of the sudden and tragic passing of one of the best womens wrestlers in history.
I first became aware of Luna when she came to the WWE and acted as valet for the late great Bam Bam Bigelow. That of course when I was just a child. Luna used to scare me to death, but then that was the expertise of her, in or out the ring, she was a true professional.
Luna struck me as a wonderful woman, one which I'd have loved to know outside the ring as well as having the pleausre of watching her inside as well.
It is such a sad state of affairs that we are losing such great wrestlers at fast pace, and with the passing of Lance Cade earlier this month, the passing of Luna is equally sad.
The wrestling world is morning for you Luna and I hope, if there is such a thing as heaven, then like Terry Funk once said, all our dearest friends from the squared circle are up there in that wrestling ring in the sky having one final, infinate battle royal. And when I pass, I hope I have the pleasure of getting a ringside seat.
Thank you Luna, for everything you did. May you rest in peace. Farewell.

Brian Tomczak

While everyone was enammered with DIVA's like SABLE or TRISH....people call me crazy when I would tell them my ALL TIME fav DIVA was LUNA!!! I remembered when she started in the WWE(F) I never saw anyone like her. She was a supermodle to me. Metal wordrobe and a sulptured body. Her mic skills were like no other. Chilling yet mezmerizing. Yea...I wasnt happy to find out she was married. But a man could dream. And yes, LUNA was mine. I only wish I had a chance to meet her and say thanks.


I remember her teaming up with the late "Beast from the East" Bam Bam Bigelow in the WWF (not WWE). Beauty(?) and the Beast. Poor Gangrel (Vampire Warrior). Luna's kinda like Rob Van Dam, One of A Kind. I watch womens' wrestling, from the Wendi Richter (Cyndi Lauper 1980's Rock and Wrestling Connection), the Jumping Bomb Angels, Bull Nakano, Aja Kong, Malia Hosaka, Leilani Kai, Judy Martin, GLOW Wrestling from Las Vegas, and Women's Extreme Wrestling (featuring the Queen of Extreme, Francine).

Vachon is a truly (hardcore) wrestling legend and is in a class of her own, much like Sherri Martel, the Fabolous Moolah and Mae Young.

Miss Elizabeth was an awesome manager - Oh yeah ! Trish Stratus was okay. Tammy Fytch, Sunny, paved the way for the Divas/manager type (ECW's Beulah McGillicutty, Jackie Gayda-Hass, Linda "Shaniqua" Miles or Booker T's wife Sharmell).

Then, you have Lita, Jacqueline Moore, Ivory, Tori, ODB, Awesome Kong, Gail Kim, Tracey Brooks and Chyna, people with their own unique talent. (Torrie Wilson, Stacey Keilber and Kimona (from ECW or WCW) reminds me of the Bella Twins.)

She was one tough broad !!!! RIP, Luna"tic" !!!!


Like Michael McGillicutty (the Curt Hennig's son), Cody Rhodes and Goldust, Tamina and Sim (Deuce) ("Superfly" Jimmy Snuka's kids), the Usos (Rikishi's sons) Husky Harris (Mike Rotundo's son and Barry Windham's nephew), the Rock (Rocky Johnson and Chavo Guerrero (Vicki's nephew), wrestling is in the blood. The family lineage is awesome !

Aunt Vivian and Paul the Butcher has lost one of a gems in this wrestling industry. A ruby diamond in the rough, with sharp edges. But in the center of that uncut, unpolished diamond lies a heart of gold.

(I forgot about Medusa Micelli or Alundra Blayze and Sable. Medusa was great in the WWE and WCW. Sable reminded me of Trish Stratus. She has that Hollywood celebrity blonde bombshell look, but could wrestle too.)


Wow, as obituaries go that takes some beating. I never knew Luna, never met her, only knew of her in-ring rep but you obviously did and that captured her forever. Very special words.

the wrestling saviour

Luna is a true loss to the wrestling world. I am so sad that yet another wrestler has passed on from this world. R.I.P Luna.

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R.I.P Luna

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