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mick iam from india,when u guys came to india,i couldnt come there and met u bcoz iam living nother side of the country.iam a huge fan since 1994,iam a huge fan os sting,stone cold,mankind(catus jack too ).even my dream was to become a pro wrestler,bt india,there is no oppertunity for pro wrestling,i realized dat wen wcw,ecw and all other wrestling companies shut it down.so i quit wrestling dreams, i saw only one wrestling show in india back in 2003 when wwe raw came to india.mick how many moments u gave to wrestling fans like as,so we respect u for what u did to entertain us,from india, iam wishig u all the very best to u and to ur family sir,..i would like to ask u one question...why wrestlers in tna nt doing perfect wrestling? iam talking abt last week impact match between jeff hardy and rob terry, everybody knws the match was only for jeff hardy.it doesnt make any sense wen jeff deafet guys like Rob terry.

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