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Thank you so much for sharing some great stories. I was moderately familiar with WCCW, getting it sporadically in Florida as a teen and young man, so I knew Skandor Akbar, but only as the diabolical manager. Though we all know there's more to the men and women behind the wrestling characters they portray, it's always wonderful to get to see behind the veil, and that's something you do so very well.

Terry Willitts, long time fan.

Jeff Turner

Thank you Mick.

Kyle Davis

Very interesting, informative and deserved blog for the General. I had the honor and privilege of being the ring announcer for a few of his last shows in Texas. Anywhere from his home in Garland, to down near Beaumont, he was an absolute pleasure to be in the same dressing room with. Texas wrestling lost a big piece of history! RIP


Great write just like the wrestle


Sounds like a great guy to serve under. I can only hope my boys speak as fondly of me in the future as you do of Akbar.

bill johnson

Mick Foley, you are AWESOME... write another book.. thanks for the memories.


Great post, Mick.

Rest in Peace, General.


Hey Mick! Long-time reader, first time responder.
Quick story here.
Among my reading material (besides your books, of course) is a number of adult-themed black and white comic books, ranging from the Warren collection to '1984' and 'Heavy Metal'.
One story that always stood out concerned a lone faceless stranger who leaves a other-wordly palace to perform some obviously heroic mission. The story then shifts to a Old West gunfighter who goes through many hardships, including being shot and nearly hanged, in order to liberate a frontier town from the clutches of a greedy, murderous robber baron. As the tale ends, the 'heroic' stranger at the beginning returns to the palace, shot up, bone tired and wondering if what he's doing is worth all the pain. His face is finally revealed to be the robber baron, not the gunfighter as one might have thought.
The premise behind the story was that the true measure of a hero has always been determined by the Villain he faces.
That the way I would eventually wind up seeing people like Scandor Akbar and Devastation Inc., Waldo Von Erich, Killer Karl Kox, The Masked Spoiler and others. I even said as much to Nikolai Volkoff after a Mid-South card where he manhandled Terry Taylor.
Whether he understood me or not, I don't know. Seems he actually came from somewhere in eastern Europe.
I have always respected the General for what he did for the likes of Danny Hodge, Bill Watts, and the Von Erichs on the one side, as well as One Man Gang, Kamala, the Missing Link and yourself on the other side. While I am comforted he will always have a special place with the wrestling community, I am sad that his kind will not pass this way again.

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