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It's certainly amazing that they _did_ plug the book, considering that it has the name of one of TNA's more famous pay-per-views in the middle of it. Of course the good people in the 411 comment section thinks it has to do with a shoddy Hall of Fame class or the movie deal... I think it's more about ... oh, the first plank in mending the fence eventually.

(Though knowing him, he'd be ecstatic if you weren't under TNA contract in time for Mania 30, likely in the Garden.)

I really do hope that the promo gets youtubed ... and now that I realize that the match is gonna be on Thursday, I'm going to first see what the chances of getting home on the Lynx are from the show, and if it's not very doable, I'll get my friend to Tivo it. Because I think I really DO need to see that.


I didn't watch RAW, but your name was all over twitter in seconds and I was like, "WHAT?!" Pretty awesome.

I am excited for the book! I've purposely not looked at any places where I would see it early since I want to have it on Friday, and not any earlier. I do plan on devouring it in the matter of the weekend, hopefully. Oh, and I can't wait for Impact!

Well, see you at the Book Revue on Friday, Mick! :)


It was rather nice of them to give you a plug, I think that Vince being a business man knows that a book having to do with wrestling is good for the business as a whole. Also, he knows by dropping a plug for your book, that other wrestlers books might be close by as well.


Well.... Vince....
He knows he can draw money with it. Hear my words. He has much more in store for you.
If not yet, then in the future.
All to his advance.
Oh, yes. I don't think highly of him...
But who am I to judge.
He can be cool if he wants to. :-)
He has 2 faces.

jon simons

speaking of your book. i'll be at the 1st signing you have on sat. you were the 1st wrestler i met, and it was at Bookends, for your 1st book. you've always been super kind. Thanks!

p.s. i'll be the one in the super long leather trench coat ;)


Mick's book, Countdown to Lockdown' is featured on www.JohngysBeat.blogspot.com, along with a short video promo Mick did for us at Wizard World in Chicago. Thanks Mick. See you at a booksigning here!

Leeyow C

Im glad to hear bout WWE's gesture to acknowledge your work before & now!
Im all hyped up for tonight's future classic Foley promo & tomorrow's book signing! See you there & I hope my wife's sprain wont get in the way with the long line. Until then, have a nice day!


I'm not surprised at all, Mick. If there's one thing you haven't done in your career, its burn bridges. There are very few people in this world that can capture VKM's imagination, but you did just that when you were working in New York. I don't find it hard to believe at all that he's got a soft spot for you! :)


I think your impassioned and factual defense of Linda McMahon's senate campaign may have played a role as well. I mean, consider these facts:
-You work for an opposing organization -Your last months in WWE were less than fun
-You tend to lean Democrat, and Linda is a Republican
I think Vince ENORMOUSLY respected that--in spite of the above facts--you had the intellectual integrity and loyalty to step up and defend Linda against charges you thought to be unfounded.


Hey Mick - any idea what the rules are on the book signing? I'm not much of an autograph guy, but I may stop in someone isn't going to push us out of line in 20 seconds.

Also, as an added incentive, if you want, I can show Tori Amos' high school since it's about 3 miles up the road, haha. Although it's a completely different building than either she or I went to school in...


Hey Mick, I'm excited about the book, but can you tell me, is it going to be for sale in Europe? Or, more specifically, Holland? For me, it doesn't need to be in Dutch, since my English is good enough to read books and actually understand what is being said.
And, while I'm here, would you mind checking out my own blog(s), one on TNA, and one on the WWE?
I will leave the link to the TNA one in the URL part, and I hope you come by to visit and comment someday, if you have time to do so.




You didn't mention TNA once in you're interview with Joey Styles on WWE.com.

Do you not think that you're current employers will be a little peeved with you about that?

Looking forward to reading the book by the way!


I'm going to guess that that _may_ have been the cost of plugging the book on wwe.com, CiranCc -- and knowing that Dixie and VinnieRu probably have no problem whatsoever with whatever publicity they get, since anyone who opens the book will find out about the push to Lockdown '09 from the get-go... even if it seems a bit down on the current position of the company.

Also... WWE might be Bischoff-certain about TNA's chances of survival being slim, you never know. (Hearing that Ed Leslie ... let's be clear, Ed "Brutus Beefcake/The Zodiac/The Barber/The Booty Man/The Disciple" Leslie ... is bragging about coming in and doing it "NWO style", I think I fully understand that sentiment.)


It's funny that you mention WWE not plugging other wrestling organizations. Usually the reverse is true: after all, you did put a lot of butts in seats back in the day.

Best of luck at Bound for Glory.

Tim Harris

Hey you coming to Texas anytime soon? I would like to get your new book personally from you. I've met you a few times in San Diego, Abilene, and Dallas My name is Tim

Pat Sava

Hey Foley,

How's your balls! They still big or what. Flair is a madman. I love it. Good luck next week!


Damien Reaper

Mick It's a shame you can't work for TNA and WWE (or least) with The Undertaker,Paul bearer and Kane and Mankind's History with those 3 are Legend. Plus I heard they are doing a Taker movie maybe they will ask you to in it aswell. Your interview with them surprized me. I would like to see TNA and WWE work together to save wrestling to give them dream matches of both companies. Abyss vs Kane. Aj vs Cena.

Something just for you


Thought you would like out of no where video.

Scott Crawford


I'm the guy from Toms River with the Mattel Football 2. Tested it, and while it may be a little flaky (I think the LEDs are a little worn) and is missing the battery cover, it worked when I powered it up. Even if it craps out on you, hey, it's a cool prop and a good memory! I can't think of a better home for it than with you.

Drop me an email or a direct message on Twitter (I'm @scottcrawford, and I'm adding you there now) and we'll work how we're gonna get it to you. Like I said, this one's on me, as thanks for doing what you do.

Also: thanks again for doing the reading/signing in Toms River, which was great and best of luck with the book!

Note to other authors reading this: Toms River Public Library is a *great* place to do a book tour appearance!

Jess W

I just came across the article on Jezebel, and I wanted to tell you how much I respect everything about you. I watched WWF in 7th grade (it was still WWF then!), and although my interest faded, it was a big part of my life. I could say that about a lot of things that effected me in 7th grade.

But being exposed through Jez to more of who you truly are as made me grateful that you exist, for the human that you are. :)


Mick,hey,the book sounds interesting.just tell us more

MaryAnne Girouard

Hi Mick,

I read about your nerve pain in the artice at this site http://ca.news.yahoo.com/s/capress/101106/entertainment/wre_mick_foley_book and thought I would send you a message asking if you have ever tried low intensity laser therapy (LILT) for your pain.

I am a nurse and laser therapist and have a Bioflex system. Check out the website linked below and I would highly suggest you try LILT if you haven't already!


Dr Kahn, Meditech, developed the system and has many systems in use in many countries. The locations are all listed on the website.

From the article, you are in Toronto now and maybe you would benefit from a visit to Dr Kahn's clinic. All information is on the website. He has two clinic locations in Toronto.

With your money you could learn to use the system and then buy the portable system so you would have it and be able to treat yourself regularly. I'm sure you would get some benefit from the treatments! Many sports teams use LILT for their players.

Wishing you relief of pain soon!
MaryAnne Girouard
Guelph Laser Therapy

p.s. My husband (Tim Gerrard) was a jobber in the late '80s and so I know a bit about you and your story. I guess that's why I clicked on the story about you and your new book. Tim has read your books and I'm sure will get this one too. He still follows wrestling daily! Tim's on Facebook and communicates with the Cdn wrestlers regularly.


Sorry, website is www.meditech-bioflex.com.

Hoteles Conil

These are the days that they would remember the rest of our lives, so I feel good that you tell it around here.

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