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David P Redmond

Mick, don't make me break out the Obama partisan highlight reel. He sold us a bill of goods that wasn't quite true. It's not all his fault, of course, be he's a contributing factor.


I had Obama on my twitter out of curiosity.

But when he/they started bringing on exactly the same arguments the germans are struggeling over for a coupla years now, i de-followed him.
I do not need one Obama to remind me of the political un-situations (or shall i say absurdities) we have at home.


Well said Mick. Although I was hoping for a longer blog about the whole Petraeus meeting. My sentitment's exactly about the moveon.org "betray us" statement. That was uncalled for.


Mick, you once again hit the nail on the head. Whether it's Democrats or Republicans, the majority of them have truly lost sight that they work for US, not for their own selfish interests.

I knew before Obama even won the Presidency that it was very far-fetched to think that he could get both sides of the aisle to support what's right for America. When you have a declared party in this day and age, the other party is going to go against you and make your agenda hell no matter how many good intentions you have.

It's sickening that nothing can get done in Washington because instead of actually working together, it seems to be politicians' mission to just smear and work against someone who doesn't have their same views. What happened to middle ground, does it just not exist anymore?

I've always thought that someone who aligns their self to the PEOPLE and not to a PARTY would be the best solution for this country's progress. Unfortunately, even that won't help until Senate and House fill up with more Independents. I feel like both Democrats and Republicans have let us down over and over again by now. It's like chocolate vs. vanilla, why can't we get some strawberry in there? The more ideas and independent thinkers who are willing to put political pride aside and WORK TOGETHER, the better.

Of course, it doesn't help that most of these politicians work for corporations, lobbyists and other politicians these days. Kickbacks and side business seems to be what fuels the majority of the politicians that are supposed to serve us, not themselves.

With the media, they only make things worse these days. They're all aligned with their own party's beliefs. FOX News is fair and balanced? I chuckle every time they say it. "We report, you decide." aka "We tell it like we wanna tell it and you're going to believe it." Same with a bunch of other networks on BOTH sides of the political party spectrum.

We have Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press but a lot of people take advantage of that and put their spin or fail to do their research on a vast multitude of topics. It's ironic that the internet (for now) is the only true way to get unfiltered no-spin information so you can decide for yourself. That's why I love blogs so much now; it's WE the PEOPLE debunking false stories and reporting ALL the facts so WE the PEOPLE can think for ourselves and decide whatever we want to decide on issues. If more of the general public can get on board, we might have a chance to take our country back from these corrupt politicians and corrupt media "reporters."

Can't wait for your new book. To be honest, I still need to catch up on the last couple of books. Been so busy I haven't made time for them! Don't take this the wrong way, but it's going to be an honor to have your book in my bathroom.

Moveon.org needs to move on because sites that abuse and shape the news to what they want it to be are only detriments to our free society.

Betray Us, what a load of crap and total disrespect for someone who has a lot on their plate. He didn't chose to go to war, he's just trying to handle it as safely as possible for our troops. And I do not know of him THAT well and maybe he has made a few mistakes or bad judgments but I believe the only entity that can't do that is GOD. So sick of media. So sick of politicians. We need REAL reform, God willing.

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