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I can still remember being at Universal Studios in Orlando for the first time. Back then, they haven't made Islands of adventure yet, and the rest of the setup that exists now before entering the theme parks was nothing more than a Parking lot to enter. It's unbelievable how much the place has changed.

George Hinkes

Magic Kingdom is in Orlando, Disneyland is the one in California...other than that - great list!


Try Dollywood in Pigeon Forge,TN Mick.Got your book from Amazon,finished it today!


8. Six Flags Great Adventure - Jackson, NJ - Once a year, I trade in all that mushy sentiment for an unforgettable coaster experience. And no place I've been offers up a greater assortment of coasters than this New Jersey theme park. At last count the park had 14 coasters, four of which are among my all time favorites, with two in my top ten and two right below it.


Plus? The bull statue outside of El Toro is anatomically correct. Cracked me up.


Sean C

Ya know, I didn't bother to reply to your original question because I just assumed Cedar Point would be on there... but it's not! Highly highly recommend you make a trip to Ohio to check it out. Has a bunch of coasters that are or at one point were known as the best ____ in the world.


You know, I think I may have accused you of only taking the TNA job because of it being in Orlando, at one point... having said that, I have two things to say:

1. As an employee of SeaWorld, I am probably not allowed to comment at all about our totally awesome park that's on your totally awesome list, but ... yeah. Manta AND Kraken, and I get to ride for free. Be jealous. (In turn I'll be jealous of your payday every couple of weeks... that reminds me, though, do you guys get in to Universal free? I'd think you'd kind of be contract employees ... look into that.)

2. I'm wondering about Adventureland the movie... which was supposedly filmed at Kennywood in Pittsburgh. (One of many parks I've yet to visit.) Why do you think they used that name in particular, when it evokes one particular park in Farmingdale that I used to live in? The wiki people even thought it was obvious enough to link that Adventureland on the movie page.

Eric B

Sean C: Mick has been to the Po!nt. He wrote about it in Foley is Good. A bittersweet story of his inability to ride Raptor something that I too have faced at the park since they shortened the belts on most of the coasters.

Great list Mick. I also echo the suggestion for Dollywood in Pigeon Forge. What an amazing park with a true down-home feel. You won't be disappointed.

Mick, looking at your list and adding in Kennywood and Dorney Park, Pennsylvania has some great Amusement Parks. Plus there are the historic sights as well including Gettysburg and Philadelphia. There is a lot to see in PA. Heh, I sound like a travel brochure.


If I remember correctly, wasn't the Adventureland movie based off the real Adventureland in LI? I loved Adventureland when I was a kid, my family went ever summer. Wow, I really need to see more amusement parks and some awesome parks are only a few hours away. Especially reading your list, makes me want to see more of them. :)

Mick Foley

Actually have not been to the Point yet, but am going to make it a..point..to go sometime. Would love to go to Dollywood sometime. Would love to meet Dolly sometime - one of my favorite people.

John W

Mick hope you also try out my home park, Carowinds.You'd like Intimidator. My 2 favorite things Amusement Parks and Wrestling and you get to do both at work (Universal). Lucky. By the way Cedar Point has a wooden coaster named Mean Streak which I have always thought would make a cool tag team name. Just throwing that out there since TNA actually has tag teams with actual names. Tag line : It's the Mean Season in TNA.

jamin vaughn

Mick have you been to Kings Island outside of Cincinnati? It is my favorite park and it has some decent coasters and a great water park. It also has a water park across the street and an indoor water park on the grounds.

nike shox onine

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The roller coaster at Dutch Wonderland was the first one I'd ever been on about 20 years ago. Now as a 30 year old, I look back at that as the experience that made me brave enough to try the big ones. Bravo on the Dutch Wonderland love! Also, whenever I think of DW, I think of that monorail that runs around the parking lot.

mike z

no cedar point? wtf mick?

mike z

sorry - just saw your response - my bad, don't hit me

jeff p

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that about Ms. Stewart when they left "Adventureland." It was only when I checked IMDB that I found out she was the female lead in the Twilight films (to which I obviously haven't paid much attention).


Very good recommendations that we give in here, to see if someday I am for those areas, I passed by and I comment what I found.

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