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As you say Mick, a very worthwhile charity to get behind. Is there any way folks in the UK can donate, or is this USA only? While there are numerous charities more pertinent to my part of the planet you are such an impassioned advocate for such causes (and are 3 of my 10 fave fictional characters) I'd like the chance to be able to donate, even if just a small amount.

Tommy Schillz

Wow - that's awesome Mick. Glad you are being so generous and indeed putting your money where your mouth is. it is definitely a HUGE problem and I give you props for using your celeb status to get the word out. I'm voting now.


Just voted! I'll make sure I remember to vote every day. :)


I am far from being financially comfortable. But rape and sexual abuse are so powerful that I have to do something, ANYTHING, to help!

A dear friend of mine has what I believe is the best description that I can imagine: "Soul Murder". And it seems like every woman I have known and cared about (my mother, step mother, ex-wife, "lil sis", and others) has been a victim of soul murder. A piece of their soul, their inner confidence, their ability to live with confidence and without fear, has been stolen by some horny power-tripping a--hole.

Thank you, and bless you, for taking up this cause!


I admire you so much Mick! This is a great cause, and it's wonderful that you're doing the hotline work. Is there anything you can't do?! :D You're making a difference to so many lives. Sexual violence is the most horrific experience, and it is very hard to 'heal' (I am speaking from experience). You're helping people to do so. Thank you. xo

James Cannata

A very good cause indeed, but i must warn you, My dads charity tried for this and got rejected because there was a coke-a-cola telephone on his desk.... make sure any and all coke products are outta sight

Dennis brent

Mick, you are.such a wonderful person. I will vote everyday as well, my brother. I'll put a link to this on mine and JR's Facebook page in just a bit when I get back home. You are a blessed person.
Bang Bang! (the "reward" sound the fund makes everytime someone votes and/or donates because of you, like a "Cactus Jack" slot machine that has just hit a jackpot.)
My very best to you and your family.


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Ligeia - Chicks With Scars Admin

I love that you do this, because of what you do.

Let me explain it this way, you're this big guy, who does this really aggressive and uncompromising competitive sport, and yet you write a book, and you do work with and for RAINN. It's like one of the most outstanding set of complex polarities and that is PERFECT because it says support comes from all walks of life and good men are not a type. I love that. I love the rugged reality settled in nicely with a compassionate disposition. Awesome.


Mick, this is why you're awesome. As a father, I can't tolerate the thought of kids being abused or taken advantage of--especially by their own parents! It's not the kids' fault that they were brought into such an environment and the way the parents treat/raise them makes them who they are as adults. The majority of bad people in this world were once kids with parents that treated them like garbage.

I am of shaking my head in disgust far too often when I read or hear about these poor children that just aren't treated right. Why can't they just give them to an adoption agency or better suited family member instead of putting their kids through absolute hell? Absolutely sickening.

You've shown in your well documented life that you are nothing short of a great father and I was especially moved with your match against the Rock at the Rumble. You put yourself through a lot to be entertain like only you can and a lot of people don't realize that your family was right there and it was hard for them to see. Heck, you didn't even realize it at the time. You handled it so well and my respect for your personal character had well exceeded my respect for your wrestling character when that happened. This was well before I even had kids. You're truly a class act and it's breathtaking to see you set aside your valuable time for such a great cause.

I ain't trying to play the kiss-ass but the internet is so cynical and I feel like not enough so-called "fans" truly appreciate and respect what you have done and continued to do--not just for wrestling but as a humanitarian and overall good person. It's sad that there aren't enough of those in the world and you truly do make a difference.

Thank you for letting me know about this organization and I'll try to set some time aside with my hectic life to help the cause. If only the world could dedicate just a small amount of time to such an unselfish, noble cause I think we'd be so much better off.

These kids, however young or old, don't realize that there are so many people who support them and they don't have to live with the crap that they're going through that does absolutely no good to their lives as kids or when they turn into adults. And all of us, parents or not, need to take the initiative to take appropriate action when we see or find out that something is just plain NOT RIGHT.

Sorry, I wasn't trying to hijack your topic or butter your toast. I'm just on the same page as you when it comes to things like this. We gotta do our part for humanity and make sure these abusive/neglectful parents don't turn another innocent kid into a messed up shell of a soul. Thank you, Mick. Thank you.

Monte Williams

I'm intrigued by your mention of an entire chapter dedicated to Amos. I haven't kept up on her career in some years, but I saw her live in 1998; she subverted the natural sexiness of "Raspberry Swirl" by wearing what looked like a Chuck E. Cheese outfit. Fun stuff.

I remember that you interrupted one of your chapters in Have A Nice Day to say that someone had just played a Tori Amos song, and that you were struck by its beauty; I think it was "China". Haven't read your books in a while.

That reminds me: are your books available for the Kindle? I need to get one next year, 'cause I'm living and teaching in Africa, and my wife got a wee bit butthurt at how much luggage weight and space I consumed with books this year. (She also had the audacity to question the importance of the action figures I brought with me.)

Meanwhile, I just finished writing a long essay about the comic book series Preacher (it won't hit the web for a month or so), and at one point I referred to you in the piece, and something weird occurred to me: I've written about wrestling three times, and I have mentioned you two or three times in various essays, and yet I have never mentioned you in any of my pieces about wrestling. Odd...

Incidentally, I only realized today you have a blog; we get WWE Raw here in Asmara via Arab satellite (although it airs on a three-week delay, and anything deemed offensive is edited out, which means it's only about a 75-minute program here; as in the States, bludgeoning one another is fine, but sex is terrible, so the Divas never make an appearance on the Raw shows here), but the Arab satellite company doesn't endorse TNA, apparently, so I admit I'm a bit out of the loop, where your career is concerned.

Anyhoo, I look forward to catching up on your blog archives. Thanks for all the memories, Mick!


Thank you for being awesome.

Mick Foley

Yes, i think you will like that tori chapter. apparently, it's kind of like "Eat, Drink, Pray, Love" - not everyone gets it, but those that do really like it.


Mick, I was never a wrestling fan, but for some reason I always liked you. You always struck me as the genuine article. Plus, your appearances on The Daily Show crack me up. You should be on there more often. Anyway, I just read the column on Slate and I gotta say that it actually made me tear up a little. I grew up listening to Tori Amos. My younger brother used to play Winter on the piano all the time around the house. I'm very familiar with that song, and I really really "get" what you see in it. I was fortunate enough to see Tori Amos in 1997 in New Jersey and she put on an amazing show. I also think that her work with RAINN is incredible and I admire her (and you) for all the great work you do. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that you don't have to be a wrestling fan to be a Mick Foley fan. All the best, man.


we need more people like you. thanks for being awesome.


Mick, you are an inspiration and a truly wonderful person. I will definitely be voting every day I can!

I also bought your book today, I can't wait to settle down and read it cover to cover! :D


Hey, Mr. Foley. You're awesome. :D

Thank you. Thank you so very much.


Hello Mr. Foley!
I just wanted to say thank you, for being such a wonderful role model. I hope that men and women look to you for inspiration, not just in your support of RAINN, or vocal support of gay-bashed children, or even your dedication to helping sexual assault victims--but also because of your awesome hair.
Really, thank you for being you. You're a great role model--and always will be.

Hoteles Nueva York

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Mick, the world could use a few more guys like you.


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