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Henry S

Dear Mick! Check this one out!


I made it with a 5DmkII. Its two of our wrestlers at GBG WRESTLING duking it out over a tennis point. Not hot at all but funny!

Stay true to pumpkin, and if you'd like to share a recipe i'd be happy to make it come the season!

Kind regards from Sweden



Thanks so much for the metal-listening tip, Mr. Foley. I just downloaded their single "On Parole," and am definitely loving it--you might want to consider collaborating with them on entrance music!

I'm also very much a fan of your writing in both the fiction and non-fiction realms, and wanted to quickly say that. Hope you'll consider coming back out to the Cooperstown area for a book signing, and thanks once again!

Hoteles Nueva York

Thank you very much for teaching this group, who did not know the truth, I really like your style.

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