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Classic shot, Mick!


Seriously, you've got the idea. The full Muta is overrated anyway.

It's weird... I'm okay with this match happening almost enough to plunk down the money to get to Daytona -- despite the fact that I'll probably have to hang around the place until the morning to get home, or at least find out if I can get transportation that won't get back to Orlando until 5 in the morning when the buses start again. Probably because you and Ric know EXACTLY what you can still do?

But typically, I get worried every time you step in the ring, for serious, considering ... well ...

(I think I have to break from this to tell you that the Winter Park Borders is selling your book already, which is why I KNOW what I'm about to say. Not to spoil anything, other than GENERIC TWO MASSIVE THUMBS UP in my opinion...)

Well you have a couple of chapters in there where you deal with June 2007. And your friend Nowinski had someone diagnose that man with CTE after an autopsy. And CTE has been diagnosed in people who've never had a concussion in their LIFE diagnosed. And that might be the most terrifying thing I've ever read.

This is actually why my mom's not interested in seeing you in a wrestling ring EVER unless you're promoting a book. Or being GIVEN the book. I'm a little more relaxed in that (though... seriously, you, Tommy and bring back Scott D'Amore, that'd be a kickass writing team... just saying) but I've vowed to turn the channel if you ever get hit in the head, even if by accident. I'm sure you know this, also from having read the book, but ... take care of yourself, okay?


Do you ever wash your face?
It is always kinda reddish...
*hand over soap*

Trini to the bone

I think i'm your #1 fan in Trinidad. So it came as no surprize to my friends that i was really Excited then i heard you wrote Countdown to lockdown. Mick "hardcore" Foley you are the greatest!!!


Mick, your the man. Always was and always will be. I am 61 years old, been watching wrestling for 55 of those years and you are one of the best entertainers and wrestlers of all time. Thanks for the great entertainment and will be watching for more.

Bang Bang...

Benjamin Paul

Newer wrestlers lack the passion guys like you and Ric have. That promo was exciting, chaotic, clumbsy, but most importantly, entertaining.


Can not say that there is a powerful advertising! While I believe that the excess line, even so, it seems quite original.

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