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Ender Bowen

Great story! One of the things I love about reading about your experiences is that I feel like you describe EXACTLY how I would think, feel, and act in these situations. Probably even down to what I'd say. As a dreamer myself (music, acting, writing) I can say that it's immensely refreshing to see how fish-out-of-water you often seem to be!


LOL.. Awesome. Nice drop, Mick.

John Heaney

I'm sure a lot of people know you Mick. After all, you won Time Magazine Man of the Year, whether they like it or not. You're awesome man.

Mike H

Mick, If I ever run into you, this is what I am going to say:

"Mick, Mick."

"I just wanted to say that I'm, um, really happy for all your success."

"I don't just mean happy either. I mean like really happy. You know, I'm friends with Ed Boyce and Fred Gallo and I'm happier for your success than I am for theirs. You just have always seemed so nice, and Judah talks so highly of you."


LOL, classic as ever. Met you in Birmingham, UK about 3 years ago and you kindly signed Blood and Sweatsocks for me, which was amazing as it's my fave book (yep, even above hitchhikers guide to the galaxy and any of the vast and numerous Star wars novels out there) but now my 7 year old nephew is wrestling crazy I'm the MAN now he knows I've met you!
30Rock - Liz Lemon - all gooey inside (don't tell the wife), my ultimate geek girl, glad I found this little corner of cyberspace and have it well and truly bookmarked. See you on Twitter Cocktooos!

Nick Sidwell

I'm a big fan of yours Mick. I have followed your career for a long time and I really enjoy reading your blogs and your books also(obviously). You just seem to be able to connect with people so easily and your personality and kindness seem to come to life. I really enjoyed your blog on Luna. It really allowed me to see another side of her that I hadnt seen before. I thought it was very well put. Thank you for all of your contributions to all forms of entertainment and writing. I always look forward to seeing something new that you have blogged and tweeted. Thanks again, Nick Sidwell.


Hehe, this made me laugh. :) Another really awesome blog, Mick!


i really respect the hell out of you mick,and this was a really funny post,i think it would be great to meet these two as well as you also but,cmon!noone watches tna!i truly wish you were where you belong,in the wwe!!!!

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