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Kevin Newman

well said Sir


well said sir


I concur. Well said, sir, well said.


Excellent! Very-well written. They count on voters to only look at their ads and to not check facts. It's good that Vince and those who support him are fighting back. Wrestling as a whole has done a lot of good for many people.


Very well said. I personally believe the attacks are from a desperate canidate. It's so sad that theseelections really turn people away from voting. Those that play the smear game should be ashamed of themselves.
Thank you for voicing what alot of people are feeling.


yes very well written

Leeyow C

I hope most of the politician would have the open mindedness & willingness to help just like u, mick.
And if Im from connecticut, i would proudly wear WWE tshirt (or hoodie) and vote for the right people for the right job.
Happy Halloween everyone!
And Have a Nice Day!



I'm glad to see that someone watching this race has some political common sense. Now if only we can get your common sense to spread to the voters who believe the trashy adds on television, and to the news "reporters" who "objectively" report but serve to just distract everyone from the real issues. Both political parties have been guilty of mudd slinging for centuries (going back to the presidential election between Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams). Just because something has been continuing for centuries doesn't make it right. Hopefully your words of conscience will cause voters to more closely examine races in their states before blindly accepting what a politician says at face value, or what a pragnostic reporter broadcasts from behind their desk.


Endorsement? Mick your words, "Nonetheless, I’m not sure what I would do, come November, if I lived in Connecticut, instead of twelve miles away – across the Long Island Sound. I’m not sure if I would pull that lever Linda’s way or not."
Is it just me or did you just cancel out everything in your column?
She is the best choice why would anyone ever elect someone who lies about their military service. He is a scumbag.


It's been an ugly scene here in CT, Mick, but your words help temper the debate. Thanks.


I have to agree, it drives me nuts every time Katie Vick gets trotted out by someone who never saw the story unfold on TV. Granted, I hated the story probably as much as you did, Mick -- thanks for speaking out on it when you did -- but seriously, all everyone says is 'a necrophilia angle' when that part was only stupid heel posturing. Though the fact that Hunter went along with it kind of makes me fear for the state of WWE in the future -- how on Earth he could think that would be something worth basing a feud on is beyond me.

But I digress.

I really wish people would start realizing that, to paraphrase your good friend Dee a little, that wrestling is, you know, not a bad thing. But instead, we have Linda getting run through the mud, and probably losing this race if indications are correct, quite probably because of the fact that she had a position of authority in a company that ... GASP ... promotes wrestling! Tell you the truth, from what I hear, though I vote Democrat mostly these days, I think I _would_ vote for her in the election she's in, because she seems to be the better human being. It's a shame that not enough other people seem to realize that.


And another very good blog as usual. It makes me sad this wasn't put in the paper like you mentioned on Twitter. It should actually be in the paper. While I don't necessarily enjoy what WWE puts on TV currently, I think it's ridiculous what Linda McMahon is being attacked for, especially when she isn't even working for the company anymore, but that's basically been said from everyone. Well, all anyone can hope is that people use their minds and pick the best person for CT. If not, especially if it's coming from what is on the WWE, it's sad.


Incredibly well put. I've been of the mind since it was announced that she would be running that it would be a stupid move to focus on her career with the WWE as a campaign issue. From everything I've seen of her, while we disagree politically and I would not vote for her (you can't be against the minimum wage, in my book), but she seems like a great person. She's one of the few candidates with whom I disagree politically that I would not be devastated to see win.

Diana Holliday

Ever since I can remember watching these "VOTE" commercials "for or against" has been SO confusing to me~They seem to cancel each other out by the end of the election & I am always relieved I don't have to watch anymore. Base a decision on an informed choice by doing research & VOTE. It is your choice & right to do it once you are 18. After all, it doesn't matter if YOU don't win, it's what's best for everyone that really comes in to play later on. We always seem to be fixing mistakes made & the person who made them is long gone or dead & never has to say sorry for or pay for them. ONLY The People end up paying for & being sorry.
It's a habit that needs to stop. Diana :)


It's not that WWE promotes wrestling [actually it promotes "Sports Entertainment"- had to hold my nose to type that], it's the treatment of WWE-contracted wrestlers that bothers me. The whole "Independent" contractor nonsense- tell me, how independent were you under contract to WWE? Could you decide to moonlight on ECW TV if you wanted the extra cash in your spare time? Were you told when, where, how, and with who you'd be working, and in which style? Were you responsible for 100& of your payroll tax deduction, or was the WWE matching? Were you offered health benefits beyond catastrophic care? All these are reasons that Linda McMahon's association with WWE makes her unfit for office, not storyline family feuds or sloppy, worked nut shots.


Tony, I've seen that the Independent Contractor supposedly gives the guys on top a lot of advantages financially (less paid to government = more paid to them), and I get the strange feeling that most wrestlers think they're going to be the top bar none, no matter the circumstances.

Plus Mick has a couple of chapters in his new book where he covers the fact that people in wrestling need to know what they can get out of it, reasonably, they need to save everything they can from the business, and they need to know when to fold. (He said he gave himself to 26, and if he wasn't making a living by then, he would step out of the business. Now considering at 25 he got signed with WCW at a grand a week, he never had to worry about that.)

I'm fully expecting some of the Knockouts to be confronting this soon, if the reports are correct about their salaries -- the most confirmation I got was an interview Taylor Wilde gave where she quit her job at the Sunglass Hut because she was recognized, which doesn't speak well for TNA's salary scale for her (and she was CHAMP at the time, too!). But, hell, you do what you have to do in this business, and if you can't anymore, you go get a real job and maybe take a booking or two on the weekend.

William B. West

I really don't understand why Hollywood is silent on the treatment Linda is receiving. Back in the day Communism was the bludgeon weapon used to decapitate political opponents with links in Hollywood. Today it seems Linda is receiving the same treatment.

Katie Vick was a incredibly stupid storyline of course, but so what, are the SAW movies cultural pillars either? It's insane, the politicians seem to have taken up the mantra of "It's still real to me!".


I take it none of you live in CT, where we are bombarded by Linda McMahon's owe attack ads against Richard Blumenthal 24/7 or have to deal with receiving her campaign phone calls all day, or the Linda McMahon mailings everyday..all day for the past 6 months. She is not qualified to be a Senator ...does being on the Greenwhich School Board make you qualified to be a Senator..no it doesn't. We are all wrestling fans, but just because her family owns and runs the WWE does that mean we should vote for her.



No it does not. However, her wrestling background doesn't disqualify her either. I mean we've had people from all walks of life hold political office. I haven't seen a list of qualifications for the office of United States Senate. Our political process yields victory for the candidates message and promises (which they may not be held accountable for,) how much money they can spend, fear mongering, or how much dirt they can dig up on their competition. Add to that our nonstop analysis of candidates, and you have a recipe for an unfair distortion at best.

At the root of Mick's article is an attempt to shed some light on Linda as a person, and the good things that WWE has done for our troops, Make a Wish, etc... Now, does that excuse Linda from her positions, or from the injustices that have transpired in WWE; it does not. However, neither is it fair for Linda to be attacked for story lines that took place over a decade ago (over which she had no control). It is just another needless distraction in a campaign season that has been full of them.



That fact that her company touts Raw as "the longest running episodic television show in history," yet doesn't play by the same rules as REAL episodic TV shows--i.e. talent not in a union and no health insurance (except for work-related injuries / rehab)etc. pretty despicable. You can't have it both ways.

William B. West

You realize there are not rules requiring "unions and health insurance" on episodic television shows right? Some television shows are union and some are not. It depends on the studio, filming location ect. Union organizing is an employee choice, I doubt you'll find any employer encouraging unions. Not to mention the cloudy area of whether wrestlers are or are not employees rather than independent contractors. I'm not advocating that they are or aren't I'm just saying it isn't as easy as you declaring that they are.

This is the silliness that passes for political discussion. Bitterness thrown at someone without being informed.

Paul James

I'm always astonished at how articulate you are, and how well written your columns are despite having so many fuckin' nasty ass bangs to the head! (no offense)

Good stuff!

William B. West

Forget the chair shots to the head, Mick sat next to Joy Behar and listened to her drone on and on for ten minutes. THAT IS HARDCORE!!!!

Miles McLoughlin

I'm glad the elections are over. Mick, I'm a huge fan of yours and have enjoyed the books you've put out. I hope you're ok with the fact that I usually vote conservative republican. However, I'm not limited to that. I try to vote for who will uphold the constitution as the founding fathers originally intended and do what's best for the country. Like anybody who's voted for either party, there's much to be disappointed with. I'm at a place where I feel neither party is really out there to serve the people, but their own ends. Cynical you say? Well, I think there's plenty of evidence for it. The one thing I'm glad about this election is that not one party is controlling everything. To me a little grid lock is a good thing. There needed to be more checks and balances in our government that's lacking for so long.
By the way, I thought your debate with John Bradshaw Layfield was great. I think that debate was far better than the ones our presidential candidates engaged in back in 02. It's too bad WWE didn't do this again. From what I've read and heard there's many well informed and well spoken wrestlers on issues relating to politics. You and JBL proved it, and gave the American people something far better than we were getting from out candidates. I'd love it if you'd make a public appearance close to my home in Lancaster PA. I'd love to meet you in person some time. Take care and have a nice day!

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