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Hi Mick, I saw the article on Jezebel about your work for and commitment to RAINN and I wanted to thank you. I've always been a fan, and I'm also a volunteer for the Rape Crisis Centre in Ireland. I understand how valuable what you're doing is - you should be proud of yourself. Much love, Catriona

Leeyow C

Me & my wife were there, again & again, thank you for the warm reception you've given to us fans. Two thumbs up for your continuing support with RAINN & ChildFund, this will surely raise more awareness on helping groups like these.
Keep up the good work, stay healthy & be the last man standing this 10.7.10! Bang! Bang!


Mick I actually hope my fiance didn't buy the book and get it signed tonight in Kentucky. She has been there for a month working at the world equestrian games and comes home tomorrow. I would just hate to have to pretend that I was more excited about seeing her rather then the book.

Dixie's dad Bob promised me tickets to a show in Orlando this January. I can't wait to make that trip and hopefully meet some of you guys.

Mick Foley

Thanks for the comments. Thank you to my fan in Ireland who has worked with survivors. As you know, that can be very difficult work. It's nice to be able to promote a book abouot wrestling, and confront serious problems at the same time.


You were at a car show in Moncton NB Canada about 12 years ago and I desperately wanted to come meet you. Sadly there was a storm and we didn't dare trust that car to drive that far so I totally missed out. You've been one of my heroes forever dude and the more I read from and about you--the more I stand behind that statement. Keep on keepin' on Mick, you're a natural fury of awesomesauce. P.S: I am a survivor and I thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul for all that you do


I've never really watched wrestling, but I picked up your first book when I was a sophomore in high school when it caught my eye. It's now in a deplorable state that would cause any librarian to swoon, but I prefer to call "well-loved". I was so glad to catch an article about your work with RAINN, not only because it's really awesome of you, but because it was kind of like running into an old friend that I'd lost track of. I'm darn excited to go pick up the several books I managed to miss in the intervening years between that bookstore at an outlet mall during an unending family shopping trip and now. My roommate found Have a Nice Day on the kitchen table today after I'd hauled it out for the trillionth re-read and asked me "What is this weird wrestling book doing on our table?" and called me weird when I said it was a favorite of mine. Maybe I am, but I think there are worse things in life.

Chris Foale

Hi Mick

I wasn't sure of the best way of contacting you so I really hope this reaches you.

I've just finished Countdown to Lockdown and loved it, your style of writing is always so infectious. Your chapter in regards to your work in Sierra Leone was especially touching and thought provoking. So much so that it encouraged me to sponsor a child myself in Sierra Leone, who's name is Lansana. I only recently set up the sponsorship but I hope to correspond with him very soon.

I just felt like I really needed to let you know how much you inspired to give a small percentage of what I earn each month to someone who needs it a whole lot more than I do. It's extremely gratifying, and there's no question I wouldn't have even thought twice about doing it otherwise if it hadn't have been for you and your book.

Thank you Mick

Chris Foale

[email protected]

Qua tang

visit the blog of me. thank you!

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