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Liz Blade

Mick, It is always a pleasure to read how dedicated you are. I look forward to getting this DVD when its available in Australia..

Love always

Leo Celino

I can't wait to get it the DVD this Tuesday. I don't mind the matches that could not be as classic as those you had before with japan or with the other company, but I look forward with the stories with your TNA stint and the heart warming work you have for people who needs help. again, congrats to your wonderful endeavor!
have a nice day, Mick!


Oh Mick....
Please return and save TNA from hogan and bischoff...
Hogan vs Foley is a dreammatch for all...
you can kick his ass......make him know his place....
the fans love you....
i'll try to get the dvd,but i live inmexico, a hard place to get it
have a nice day...!!!


I want to get this dvd!!!

Mad props, Mick Foley!


Mick, can't wait to finally have the DVD! It does indeed sound AWESOME. :)

Shinydan Howells

Mick - I know you've had enormous success, and you've worked insanely hard to achieve all that you've done. When you stand in the ring with Flair, and Hogan, you do so as an equal.

That said - to what extent do you think Kurt has a point, about there being another path for you? Unless, of course, this gets answered on the DVD, in which case I'll find out next time I get paid...


does it have a UK release date?


Release date for South America??? (yes...i'm kidding...) I want it...but in my country can be difficult or impossible to get a copy...I try to buy it in internet...I admire you very much...I hope any day you come to Chile and know you in person...You are a truly legend!!!


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