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Sir, I am in sheer awe that you could lose an ear and not immediately freak out. If I was in that situation, I can safely say that I would start blubbering like a big girls blouse and call my Mum to come hold my hand at the hospital.

By completely coincidence I was actually looking into all this a few days ago and watching the full fight video on youtube, I was holding my ears the entire time.


Something's always puzzled me about the losing of you ear Mick; as you're running the ropes previous to attempting the Hangman would you not have been able to tell they were tighter than they ought to have been?

Gary Geck

Incredible, Mick....you are the Hardcore Legend. Bang! Bang!

Jere Johnson

JP- He explained on Plus One Per Diem with Kevin Smith and Jen Schwalbach today that he DID notice they were tight, but was unaware that the ropes were not ropes at all, but elevator cable covered in a light latex rubber paint. Had they been regular ropes, he probably wouldn't have lost his ear. Considering they were elevator cables, it's amazing the injury wasn't far worse.
You're a living legend Mick and Thanks for all your sacrifices in entertainment. Glad you've found a much less harmful way to do good.

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Had they been regular ropes, he probably wouldn't have lost his ear. Considering they were elevator cables, it's amazing the injury wasn't far worse.


I was using the terming 'running the ropes' because it's the accepted term and much less of a mouthful and eye raiser than 'running the steel cables'.

Can't remember reading that - in the New York Best Selling 1st Autobiography of Mick Foley; Have A Nice Day: A Tale Of Blood And Sweatsocks, still available from all good online book retailers - Mick wasn't aware they weren't actually ropes in the literal sense.

Might as well have a refresher, holiday book number 2 is sorted. That's if I finish holiday book number 2 which is Stephen King's Under The Dome, which is less a book and more a heavy weapon.

John-Paul G

I think you missed out on making corporate mankind more hardcore by wearing glasses instead of two monocles (insisting you couldn't wear glasses due to the lack of ear)


didn't know how to reach you as I just learned that if you don't follow me back on Twitter I can't send message to you :(

We met in Amsterdam this past Friday and I told you I would make a donation to Rainn if you stayed to sign my books.

I send a 50$ donation yesterday wish I could do more.



Where's the link to the video? The one I find on youtube doesn't match these timings at all.

Diego Heel

Hey Mr Foley
Thanks for all those matches...I watch them and i don't get bored...
in ecw in wwf in wwe in tna in wcw i have seen all the matches that i could see...
you ae a true legend....hogan is a joke...you are a true wrestler
thanks for saving tna...you are saving it
just get back the six sides ...!!
get out bischoff..!!
get out anderson and hardy and all those guys
bring back jay lethal:D

hey Mr Foley
hope you come to Mexico...I bought my ticket for tiplemania waiting to see you styles and angle
my three favorite wrestlers of all the time
thank you foley becase you entertain me and make me happy when i feel bad..!
have a nice day.!

John-Paul G

Unrelated to this brutal match, did you happen to catch Jim Ross's blog yesterday (Sunday May 29th) where he answered a question and the answer was about you?

"Emailer...One of my biggest regrets in the biz was not being able to call Mick Foley's first WWE title victory as I was battling Bells palsy at the time and was on the sideline."

Parker Mackowiak

Amazing story, Mr. Foley. I followed your professional wrestling career all my life and I can say you're one heck of a man! You suffered injuries that would kill a normal person, I kid you not. The Hell in a Cell match against Undertaker is probably the most memorable, I cringe when you fell -- twice-- and I thought for sure you're a goner. But not only did you survive, you finished the match and continued your career for many many years. My hats off to you Sir!

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