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Mick, you could just buy an annual pass to Universal. It's not that expensive. Or you could get a job as a seasonal Employee and work at one of the attractions!

Zak Lansing

It's really nice to see you recognize perspective, Mick. I, personally, do not enjoy TNA, or IMPACT, or whatever it's called today, and I have not for a little under a year. I do appreciate what many people are trying to do there, but it just doesn't seem to work.

I understand your frustration and why you would react the way you did, but it is also very refreshing to see someone look at their recent choices and recognizing any error in how or why they went about them. I don't think many people would've blamed you in your decision to just leave on somewhat bad terms, but in getting to know you slightly through your writing, it's obvious you care enough to try to limit the bad taste you could leave in people's mouths as much as possible.

One of the very many reasons I respect you and remain a fan of yours to this day.

Braddy Earl

Mick i have been a fan of yours for a long time and live not far from 1 of your favorite amusement parks Knobels..anyway i hope this does not mean you will go back to wwe i dont like how TNA is being handled but it does not help that after everyone leaves TNA they go WWE..U have enough money to be set for life.i am a starving writer on disability and can no longer even afford to buys books which i did a lot when i worked making decent money. i never understand how people with the money they have always want more..i am content with my life its not so much about money for me its to show my talent..also TNA needs to be rid of Hogan Bitchoff..


Mick, I hope in the long run you don't regret your decision. I don't think you will. I really look forward to seeing what you do next, whether it's returning to WWE, more writing, or just carrying on your work with RAINN. I'm also glad you won't be affiliated any longer with a company that seems to treat their female performers appallingly.

Good luck Mick, we're behind you!


Unfortunately for those fans who did enjoy seeing you and do enjoy Impact-- it was a HUGE let down that you just left. I hate to be critical of someone that I have admired since I saw one of your matches with Eastern Championship Wrestling and followed your career throughout the wrestling world (including a mat chat while you were with the WWF in St. Louis).

Although I do admit that Impact needs some changes, you were not one of them. Your fans enjoyed your time with Impact/TNA and I would be SUPER sad if you went to work for Vince's PG entertainment show.

As a fan of WRESTLING, if you do end up with Vince, I will not watch.
As a fan of YOU, I will continue to follow you to where ever you happen to go in the world. You seem like such a great person but as a fan, I just felt let down. I wish there was some way you could change your status with TNA/Impact but sadly I think that ship has sailed. Good luck to you with RAINN and all the other great things you do in life. No matter how I feel now, I'll always be your fan. Thank you!!

TJ. Church

Mick, I understand & appreciate a lot of what you say.

However, let us be honest. While TNA/Impact gave a national audience to many wrestlers that would've not gotten it otherwise, they later gave those same wrestlers the boot, or simply has them backstage/off-camera.... Which helps nobody.


It takes a big man to realize that despite whatever legitimate beefs you may've had, you were too harsh, too beligerent, etc. That's one of the many reasons why I respect you. Because while you believe you have things to offer creatively to any company you work for, you've never thought, for lack of a better term, your crap doesn't stink. You know you're not perfect. There aren't too many guys in the wrestling business with that type of honesty.

You're better off not in Impact Wrestling. I don't see them as a company that knows what it wants to be. They claim "wrestling matters" but had Eric Bischoff in a match on Impact. They don't know if they want to be a wrestling company or WWE Lite in terms of booking philosophy.

You'll find the next avenue for your life. Be it WWE, more writing, or some new venture, you won't be without something to do for long. And when you do find that "next thing," everyone will benefit.

Lou P.

Interesting post, Mick. I hope at some point you'll feel comfortable writing about the changes you had hoped to see in TNA and why they decided not to follow your lead.

It would be nice to see you have another run in Ring of Honor if the opportunity presents itself. Of course WWE is a logical choice as well. You'll be a success no matter what you choose to do; best luck with everything.

I'm curious how you'd do as a radio host, even as a one-off with RadioIO.com or something similar. I see potential there for you, which is a plus compared with giving scripted promos or taking bumps, even as an angle, in a wrestling ring.


Thank, Still love ya big guy, as all your true fans will,

James Pollard

TNA's biggest problem at the moment is their complete DISREGARD for the core of the product: wrestling. OK, one might argue that WWE has been largely ignoring the wrestling aspect of their shows for a number of years now and is still doing OK, but they had an audience to change with. TNA needs to go back to what it was doing in the beginning and re-establishing the very loyal die-hard audience it started with, who were interested in watching wrestling. Just because the company then gets a TV deal and a bigger potential audience, doesn't mean that the terms of the show's content needs to change too. The fact of the matter is, TNA/Impact will never establish itself as a credible wrestling company if they can't deliver more than a half-hour's worth of wrestling in a two-hour show. Sure, it'll be a blow to you financially in the short-term, but I don't believe that it'll have any long-lasting effect.


Is there really a Hulk-coaster?!


I remember watching Impact when it FIRST aired on Spike TV in its 60 minute format. I enjoyed it so much because, in my opinion, it gave a lot of quality for how much time it had. It was when they switched to the 2 hour format when things started taking a slide. They did not keep an equal balance. They can do so much better. They really can. Anyone who isn't a dedicated nut to their product can see that.


A very nice blog post, Mick. I'll never cease to be amazed at how much un-like any other wrestler you truly are. When most performers leave their company they will inevitably give interviews bashing that promotion or burning their bridges. You on the other hand have only nice things to say about them!

You will never be accused of burning any bridges, Mick. That's what makes you so different from the others.

If you're reading this, I just want to thank you again for signing your first book for me at the TNA show in Glasgow, Scotland in 2009. It was after the show when all the talent were getting on the coach and you came over to see the fans. I handed you my book and you said in your usual candid fashion "This one's my favourite... It's the one that made me the most money!"

I'll never forget that moment. Thank you, Mick!

Mark Roth

Apology, I seem to have posted my response to this blog in the wrong blog comment section. I attempted to delete it but can't. So please excuse my error. Mark.


Mick I think u are a great wrestling personality .I think that WWE should take you back and make u a general manager . U were great on impact but Impact is washed up a lot doing old story lines like in the wcw or wwe days. like hogan and bischoff shoulod give more to the fans but they have a hard job to do as well. Mick I hope Mcmahon hires u back and give u a gm of raw spot thats what i think RAW needs Mick foley and they can get rid of that computer gm. But mick good luck in ur future endeavors and we will be waiting to see the next big thing u do

C arl Fisher

I recently quit my job as well. I'm still in the 'I'M FREE AT LAST, FREE AT LAST' stage of excitement...I'm sure by the time summer is over I'll be closer to where you are in terms of not having a reason to go to the mailbox.

You'll find your next big thing.

Abe Schwartz

I find it odd that you felt the need to mention that you won't have your job perks anymore(Universal). To mention that with all your money makes you come off looking cheap. I guess your just being honest but Cmon!!


Mick, you really should know at this point I have nothing but amazing things to say about you. And honestly, I hadn't watched Impact the week it all ended so I didn't have any clue at all what happened until the next day when I was catching up... and I realized just how much I was going to miss you in TNA. As a fan, I'll support you anywhere, but you leaving definitely put a little sadness on my day.

Like many others have said on other comments, you are like no other, and I don't think many others first blog off a company would come off like this. And besides, I think you were one of the few who actually cared about what the fans thought about the show anyway... always a nice thing.

Whatever you do next, I'll be a fan, I'm sure you do know. :)


Okay, it's good to see your negative opinion on your last days in TNA. Thing is, I'm with you on most things, in general. The whole Empty Arena crack is of course a severe exception ... but I'm glad you said what you said here.

And TNA needs work. Dixie trusts certain people more than I'd believe is healthy (Bisch to me seems clueless, but I'm a 'dumb internet smart fan' so I _would_ think that...) and she really needs to hire Jim Cornette, Paul Heyman and someone who can keep them from killing each other to write the episodes. That's just my opinion, though.

But good luck in your retirement, PLEASE don't go back _as a wrestler_ to WWE (announcer is okay if you can handle Vince or lay down the effing law!), and go write another novel. Me and my mother have pledged to buy five copies each. Have a nice day!

Quan Williams

One thing I've always loved about You, Mick, is your candor and honesty. You're not afraid to call it exactly as you see it, right or wrong. And you are not afraid to admit when you're wrong, and come out and publicly say "I screwed up."
The thing that Made you stand out in the Attitude era was that while you were often paired against larger-than-life personalities like Rock, Taker, HHH and Austin, you were the Everyman that all of us normal folk could identify with, the normal guy who could walk with giants and hold his own.
I wish you nothing but the best. You made a bad decision - you NEVER quit a job unless you have another one lined up, or at least some form of stable income - but that doesn't make you a bad person. my hope is that you recover from this gaffe and move on to greener pastures. in fact, the WWE could use somebody to finally end that whole anonymous GM fiasco.
Foley is still good. Have a nice day.

Neils Brooks

Wrestling aside, a lot of us just love ya because you're you, man. Go be you--the rest will fall into place.


alot of us agree with you, i was TNA diehard but their dismantling of the X division and their constant way of doing things that make no sense, has just made me not as interested in the product. they seriously need to use more logic, and more wrestling, and less promo time, and less stupid finishes if they want ppl to care about them.


Mick -

Perhaps it will take teh departure of someone as fair, honest and talented as you for TNImpact to realize how AWFUL the booking has been as of late.

The fans ay it in unison, while Bischoff, Russo and their support system seem to ignore it.

Good Luck to you wherever you wind up, and God Bless!

John McNeill

You should have left before the network angle began in that case all u did was tna look worse for trying.
you say you wanted them to do well yet you cut an angle unexpectible short.

youve become a liability to the wrestling world. just retire.


The bone sticking in my craw lately has been how you, who give so much time, money and effort to help abused women, could continue to work for a company that... abuses women. I think we all know the sad tale of Daffney by now, and if even half of that is true, it's not a company I'd feel morally centred working for. And I'm nowhere near as good a person as you.

Anyway, now that you're a free agent again, I can go back to screaming on street corners about wanting your babies, despite being male. Best of luck in whatever you decide to do next, especially if it's just laying in a hammock in the yard with an OJ.


I think this post was real classy of you Mick. It takes a big man to apologize and an even bigger one to do it in front of the whole world.

Anyone with eyes can see that Impact/TNA are in trouble, but then it looks like the WWE is also not doing so well at the moment. It can sure be frustrating to be involved in a product that you know can be better, especially when you feel like your voice (and experience) isn't being heard.

You're a classy man Foley. Bang Bang ;-)

Roger C

Class act as always, man. Hope to see you on TV soon. Best of luck.

Rob Parkinson

Mick I have never commented on this site before but that is one of the classiest blog posts I have ever seen. It's a very rare commodity for people to look at things from both angles and it's such a nice experience to hear someone doing that. I have a feeling we'll still see appearences from you in wrestling again. However, if these were the last ones then you deserve to enjoy your retirement and time with your family for given us so many years of entertainment. I'm sure you'll still do great works in charity and literary fields.


Mick, i've been a wrestling fan for 50 yrs. and I hate the way it is going now. Gangs, bullies, and cheaters always win, The story lines are so predictable I can tell whats going to happen in the first few minutes. Wrestling has become a bad influence on kids, and that is too bad. I was so excited when TNA came to TV, it was wrestling the way I remembered, but sadly now it is just a carbon copy of wwe. I had high hopes that you would change that. I understand why you left, and I respect you for what you have said and stood for. I hope you find your niche and continue making people happy. Love you Mick.

Tim Mathis

Mick, I'm probably one of your biggest fans and I have followed you for years. Now that I'm through "marking out" to you, I gotta say that I appreciate your perspective about your departure from Impact (I know, you can sleep now that I've granted my blessing). I just want you to know that you are one of the most classy, talented and entertaining blokes (yes, I said "blokes") to ever grace the squared circle. I just hope that whatever shape your next foray into entertainment/life takes will be one that I will be privy to observe (from a distance...I don't stalk anylonger...at least not very often). Good Luck, Mr. Foley, and as the great Casey Kasem says, "Damn, my wife sure is tall...."


Even though I don't like TNA, I appreciate what you have done to get the company a little more well known and the hard work you have put into the company. And I also respect you a whole lot more for apologizing about that joke you made about comparing your empty arena match with the Rock to a TNA house show. I would love to see you back in the WWE, you can make the show greater and would be a great General Manager or commentator.


I'm really upset your not a part of TNA anymore =(. It was the only Chance I got to see you asnd not have to deal with WWE. I hope whatever you do in the future makes u happy Mick. -Your biggest fan ever

Leo Celino

Most of your loyal fans has spoken, said how much we appreciate what you've done, understand and give respect to your decisions. Whatever decision you'll make, we, your fans, will always be there to back you up and support you, whether it is wrestling or charity related. Good things happen to good people. We know you will be fine, wherever you may decide to go. Again, thank you for inspiring people to do good to others.
Have a nice day.


I think the key thing is that there still is a passion for wrestling there. Even if it's not to be in the ring, but a passion like all of us fans have. Some of us fans know more than we should and not nearly enough that we ought to, to make, what we feel, logical assumptions of what the business should be. It's always a good thing to have someone on the inside that can strike up a red light on the direction a company is going in and not being a 'yesman' all the time. I've tried to look at TNA as the alternative wrestling product and not be too critically harsh on decisions that haven't made sense, but sometimes I'm left confused. It's not the days of Steamboat vs Flair and Midnight Express vs Rock'n'Roll, but then I wonder if those days were truly as great as I remember.

Hmm, I believe they were.


Hey Mick! I don't think you should regret asking for your release at all. Granted, the fringe benefits sound pretty awesome but if the company's 'creative end' is too busy or too arrogant to listen to you, What's the point?

I mean, seriously? Have you actually watched this show called TNA Impact Wrestling? First of all, they have no brand loyalty. They took the established image of Total Nonstop Action and flushed it down the toilet. That move shows they had no confidence in the image of a promotion in the first place.

They consistently misuse and abuse talent. Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels, Kazarian, AJ Styles and Jay Lethal just to name a few. All those guys became secondary performers the second Hogan and Bischoff came into the company and took over production of the television program. The people that paved the way for Impact to be a decent television program, mis-used, abused and treated like second class wrestlers is just a plain and sick joke.

I'd also like to mention that the 'creative' booking for this promotion on television is so backwards that no one can follow the 'storylines' along from week-to-week. I believe that's what episodic television is about, Right?

The only real talent that's been protected is the veteran crowd that just can't plain 'go' in the ring anymore. What these people don't understand is that the art of professional wrestling is what sports entertainment is about. The ability to drop the lines of reality and fantasy in and outside the ring is what I find entertaining.

Personally, I think you jumped off of a sinking ship a couple of years before 'she' sinks the company.

KSWA Trapper


Sorry to see you not on Impact. Just read Countdown to Lockdown, about a year after asking you about it when you were at Deaf WrestleFest in Pittsburgh.

You might just be the most IMPORTANT wrestler of our generation, and perhaps of any other. Your generosity is second-to-none.

Good luck in the future and God Bless.

Paul Fournier

It takes a great man to stand up, take a look at himself and the situation with another perspective, and admit an error. Many in that industry can't do that. It is a very selfish and self serving business. You are a very eloquent writer, and I thoroughly enjoy reading your work.
I have not enjoyed TNA for a long time now. All the major players seem to be clawing to keep a storyline going these days. You can develope talent all day long, but if you can't give them a storyline, what have ya got? Nothin! I (and the fans) respect your decisions, and will always be a fan, no matter what you do. Every time someone retires, or passes away, everyone says 'he was the best.' Mick, knowing your story, coming up from a kid, sleeping in cars, driving forever to do a show...THAT'S determination and drive! You could smoothly transition from gimmick to gimmick with ease! You are the best Mick, no question. wrestlemania, you and Taker?? Best match on film! Take care, and God bless!

Nick A Graham

Mick, you are so better off without that company. It's 2001 WCW all over again. In 2005 I saw Samoa Joe come into that company, and he was a *star* on the rise, no doubt about it. Where is he now? His career has been ruined by horrible writing. Not to mention the treatment of the women in that company whose first name is not Dixie. Since it is clear she has no idea how to run a business, I honestly think it would be best if the Carters shut down TNA and put that money they bleed every month toward a good cause like RAINN.

Jonathan Foye

Mick, you have demonstrated that you are, in fact, a classy guy.

I would like to see you back in WWE w/ a legends contract. To see you in the hall of fame and a few matches a year would be fantastic.

In the meantime, enjoy time with your family and what is really important


Don't feel like you did anything wrong you didn't . Your fans will always respect and love you as I do. It's all one thing it always comes down to money. Not. You but that company is getting greedy and they will soon realise what they are doing as I see more and more people leaving that company . Go spend time with your family it will come to you what to do next when the smiles of your wife and kids face shine down on you for being home and are safe ps next time you go to knoebels let me know via email ill bring my kids I live 5 miles from the place. Also you don't have to explain nothing to no one you done stuff that not a lot of people have ever done . Don't ever sell yourself short your an idol and a hero in my book and always will be thank you for being who you are and don't ever change


When TNA first started up in '02, I would buy their $10 a week pay per views and say to myself "There's some good stuff on these shows, this doesn't totally suck". $600 later, I realized that it indeed totally and irrevocably sucked (somewhere between Jorge Estrada vs. Disgraceland, the midget masturbating in the garbage can, and Jarrett HHH-ing himself over everybody on the roster). I think they're a promotion with great talent and terrible everything else. In all this time, they've never changed.

I'm glad you left. The show is only entertaining in a "so bad it's good" way. You don't need to be associated with that, even though you are a very funny guy. Good luck with whatever you choose to do next! I will always be your fan.


Michael Lovero

Now your Twittering saying how sorry you are! Maybe you should have thought about TNA before you thought about your own intreasts! Now your twittering about how your thinking about no more checks in the mail...And how you won't get no more ...free passes on the rides at Universal...Have you listened to yourself? Even after all this...Your still just thinking about yourself! What a self centered ASSHOLE you've become! What about all your friends and co-workers who work for TNA? What about them who you bashed by bashing TNA? Or us TNA fans? Don't cry now...Because it sounds like to me...like your with your favorite person now...YOU!

Michael Lovero

I love how wrestlers always say such great things about the promotions that they're in...Untill they leave that promotion and go to the other one. All the wrestlers do that! It's very annoying! Just like you Mick Foley BASHING TNA after you left! But before it was a GREAT place to work! FUCKING FAT ASSHOLE! You should be glad TNA took you in when no one wanted you. You said that TNA's arena's were empty. Hey Mick! Did you ever stop to think that they just all got up during one of YOUR boring matches to get a drink? I know I did a few times!

Michael Lovero

You should have been loyal to the promotion that you were with...Instead of heading over to the competition to plug your book FAT ASS! I HOPE YOU NEVER COME BACK TO TNA...BECAUSE YOU DON'T DESERVE TO BE THERE! NOT AFTER SLAPPING TNA AND THE TNA FANS IN THE FACE! You once said that WCW stole your moment...Well thanks for stealing IMPACT and the TNA fans moment!

Michael Lovero


Jeff McCoy

I've learned two things from this post. Mick is one the most humble and thoughtful people in wrestling (if not the world) and that Michael Lovero is a moron.


Very nice read. I have to admit, I was starting to lose a lot of respect for you the past few weeks.

See, I always looked at you as a real stand up kind of guy. Granted, I don't know you personally but I've read one of your books, I've read/heard/watched a ton of interviews and I heard about (from you) the way you were treated in WWE toward the end so I figured I had about the best idea of who you were that I could have, given the information I had.

That's why it really shocked me to see you taking shots at TNA. I mean, I get you were upset. I didn't know what happened and I had no reason to judge, but I saw those tweets as extremely immature and out of character for the man I thought you were.

I always saw you as one of the more respectful guys in the business and it really took me aback to see you cashing TNA's check and on the same day talking about how much of a joke they were.

I'm a TNA fan. I hear it all the time from people how inferior the product is, how it doesn't make any money, how much it stinks, etc. I don't need to hear that from the actual people who work there, too. Know what I mean? I just want to turn on the TV Thursday nights and enjoy a show.

At any rate, I'm not knocking you as you're a grown man and entitled to your opinion, of course. I'm just glad I read this post. This is the Mick Foley I thought I knew. Yeah, life sucks sometimes but it's still better to be the better man every day of the week than it is to take shots at people.

Best wishes!


Nick you will be miss dearly because you put class in tna wresting so I hope you come back soon because you are missed an they need your help


I enjoyed you in TNA and I've enjoyed everything else I've seen you do throughout the years. WWE obviously have no heat with you considering they promoted your book while you were in TNA, go talk to Vince and get your ass back where you belong! :P


I think Mick Foley should write a comic book.

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