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I just wanted to wish you the best of luck with this. When I was in New York in May, my friend dragged me to her brother's comedy revue show that he ran a club, with himself as the headliner. There was 6 or so comics and only one of them was even remotely memorable, and that's because he was a senior in high school up there with adults. You may not be experienced as a standup, but you have the charisma, uniqueness, timing, and dare I say, the "testicular fortitude" to be a success at anything you try. It is an extremely challenging business and there are hundreds of talented performers we'll never hear from, but you have some unique advantages in addition to name recognition/connections. While your wrestling stories and humor may be a good place to start, please remember the thing that made you "mainstream" and a celebrated author are your decency, humanity, and ability to surprise. Domestic life, retirement, all of these things are well-trodden trails for comedians, but when someone who looks and carries himself like Mick Foley talks about them, it will have a different vibe and an edge. None of that matters, of course, if your jokes aren't well-written, the setups aren't easy to follow, and the punchlines aren't sharp. Get a couple of trusted friends to work with you, to push back, and to help you craft who you are on stage.

I wish you the best of luck with everything, Mick.



Check out the comedian Stewart Lee, he's a master story-teller.


Good luck, remember it's all about timing.

Janette Kirchner

I will retweet your comedy clips to my 10 followers (most of whom already follow you.) But I refuse to watch, I'm grasping at that hope that your comedy act will come to the American Music Theater (Bill Engvall was there in 2010) in Lancaster, Pa. Second reason is our computer doesn't have sound. It's not that I think you can't be successful at it...it's that if I hear a routine or a joke a couple times I find it not as funny, and I enjoy you too much to do that to you.

I really hope this goes well for you, and those ridiculous fans that choose Outback Jack (who is that? I've watched wrestling all my life and don't know who he is.) over Bruiser Brody or Stan Hansen have no respect for the road that was made (not just paved) by those pioneers.

Hopefully we'll see you in Lancaster soon. *Hugs and well wishes*

Dave Kissiar

I watched the you tube clips really good stuff brother. Keep on bringing us the laughter. Cant wait to see more, if you decide to sell any copies of the show at THE BROKERAGE send a direct message on twitter id put some cash on one of those bad boys! oh yeah the dr. Peterpaulanmary dragon tails was awesome.


Hey Mick. Great blog... well, now I'm paranoid about using the G-Word. Umm... how about awesome blog!? Ive performed many many shows as a comic and the wonderful things about most crowds is that it's always an adventure to gauge your audience and produce material that "fits". I was never much for refining my material as I rarely used the same material twice unless dire emergency called for it. And I had some really "great" shows in NYC, Philly, NJ... and then I had "the show". Won't bore you with the details but needless to say when a drunk 70 year old man physically attacks you on stage, it does something to you. Granted, the injuries were more mentally and emotionally damaging (I'm not a huge guy but I still didn't have the heart to take a swing at him, in retrospect, I should've broken his jaw) but it shook me to the point where I haven't performed since that show. I've been having the itch to make one more run at it and reading "Last Words" by George Carlin re-lit the fire. Not to mention if the Hardcore Legend can do it, then so can the ...um.. softcore loudmouth who got punked by an old man in front of a packed house (that I packed incidentally). Good luck, Mick, sorry I ran long... I will tune in certainly and keep the fingers crossed that maybe someday we'll perform on a stage and both regret ever doubting our comedy chops.


They say comedy is the hardest or one of the hardest feilds to make it in although i'm posative you can do it.You have the charisma and word ability to do so.Really wish I could watch your youtube videos and i'm sure I will when I can afford to upgrade my net speed.Some of the things I think about this current blog are that as far as professional taping for youtube...I havn't seen any videos on youtube that have come out very clear although i'm sure the professional taping will clear it up a little more than the average video.I do hope one day to see you on comedy central as a stand up.I'm sure there is alot of negative criticism although if you think about it it could be a good thing.Let's you know people are watching and gives you an idea of what the people want as far as a comedic stand point then do your best to blow off the rest.Hopefully i'll get a chance to upgrade the net and give my 2 cents on the videos themselves (which I plan on doing soon).Have a good one Mr. foley :-)

barbara trumpinski-roberts

Hey, if Big Show and the Rock can do kids movies and comedy I see no reason why you can't as well...Maybe you and Justin Timberlake could do SNL together. Seriously, I see no reason why you can't be a success in the field of comedy. You've already proven yourself as both a wrestler and a writer. (Tietam Brown and Scooter were both very intense and very enjoyable reads.)


Michael "Myk-El" Miller

Hey Mick,

Good luck in comedy. It was after your appearances on The Daily Show that I realized you have legit comedy chops. They just need to be developed.

The way I see it, you have all the tools you need. You know story structure. You have an imagination. You obviously are comfortable with a microphone in your hand. You have a lifetime of fascinating experiences to draw upon. Plus you have great timing. Yeah, the clips I've seen are a bit rough in areas, but I also see notable improvement in the newer ones. As with everything, you're only going to get better with practice.

Hope to see you in Denver when you come out this way.

John-Paul G

I was a bit concerned when I heard the Sweet Home Alabama clip. Mind you, I'm New Jersey Born, bred, live by the Goethals Bridge and hope to die here and consider points of Edison, NJ and further to be TOO southern for me. I've been called a yank by friends from Mississippi and Texas (despite being a Mets fan as a kid). You get the idea. I'm not a southerner. I was really concerned with the sweet home alabama routine as it seemed like this is something that people from Alabama should joke about. I know you've lived and bled in all parts of the US including long stints in the south. Heck I recently recracked open Have a Nice Day recently and got to the part of your second run for Robert Fuller after leaving WCCW but you were just a visitor and could escape it.

Other than that, you made me work hard to conceal guffaws at work as I listen to your sets. I just hope to catch it when it's in my area. I will be one of those guys who stands in line to see you and then come back to hear you tell a story and be glad that I won't have to restrain my laughter

Mick Foley

I appreciate the concern, and share it to some extent. I'm going to do another rendition of the song on Aug 24th, but will frame it within a story - explaining how the idea came to me 21 years ago while cutting a wrestling promo. I think most southerners (which I was for 15 years) will take it in the spirit of fun.

Mick Foley

Thanks for the comments. Yeah, they are a little rough in spots, but one of my hopes is that by showing a few clips of the first or second time a story is told, and following it with a much more polished version, people will be able to compare and contrast the versions. Really appreciate the positive feedback.

Mick Foley

Thanks Xean1 - really appreciate you taking the time to write these things. Feedback has been very encouraging.

Mick Foley

Hey, thanks, Devin. Comedy reminds me so much of my earlier days in wrestling, where every show is the most important show, no matter how many people are there. I was a huge George Carlin fan - I still remember playing the Class Clown album, and thinking it was the funniest thing in the world.


Hey Mick,
just watched your video on twitter.
I've got to say, this stuff was pretty good. I did also think that the entire Karate Kid segment was pretty good. I always thought myself that Mr.Miyagi's Karate techniques were really odd, and I always thought it was because he was too lazy to do all of those chores by himself. Also, that "secret technique" of his is just a kick to the face done with 2 arms and a leg in the air.
Besides that, I was entertained. Heck, I am 14 years old and I haven't seen much comedy in my life, but I indeed found my self laughing when you had screwed up your left and rights at 3:34. For a first attempt, pretty cool! I would enjoy seeing more.
(and yes, I will make some people watch this at school, which is starting in 2 weeks or so from now.)
Good luck on your tour, and Give My Regards.


P.S.: I just read my comment while I was posting it, and I just wanted to let you know that at the part I was laughing at 3:34 wasn't because you screwed up your left and rights, (as that whole part where Daniel starts saying Miyagis techniques are BS were cool) I just thought it would end up as sounding rude from my part. (but maybe it's because I have an extreme lack of confidence on myself)
have fun on the tour, and give my regards.


Hi, Mick! :) I LOVED the show on the 4th, and while I probably didn't say it after the show, am totally looking forward to the show on the 24th. I really enjoyed the jokes... especially the lightly added Al Snow part... I knew it wouldn't be a set without at least a MENTION of him. HA! :)

I've been trying to convince a friend of mine to come see you... actually, him and his brother. They're both fans of you and think you're great, so it shouldn't be too hard. ;)

Also did enjoy the other comedians that night... didn't realize Dan Barry DID comedy. Huh. I guess you learn stuff everyday.

Anyway, I'll shut up now. My comments as replies always end up as long rambles... haha. See you soon!


Hey Mick
A true fan of your wrestling characters and you as a human being. You have been a role model for me and continue to do so.

Have you thought about creating a character like u did in professional wrestling? When I see great stand up comedians I see them channeling a persona just like professional wrestlers. The performer becomes a character that makes the jokes and story telling so funny. What I am saying is I feel like the george carlin, woody allen, eddie murphy i see on the standup stage is like the cactus jack, mankind, dude love to them.

Keke well maybe this can be some use to you or not its still so great to see you evolving. You are such a great inspiration for me and many people. Foley is good!


hey mick just wanted to say im a huge fan and if you ever came to manchester england to do a comedy show i would be there 100% because its been a driving ambition of mine the past 4 years to meet you and bask in your cool and amasing aura hope fully one day my dream will be accompolished but until that day i have your book which i cant put down and i always re-read thank you for your time



Hey Mick,
I've been doing open mic nights, and other comedy related stuff on and off for about five years, and you already know the most important thing. It took me four years to learn, but not everyone likes all comedy. For instance, I'm a huge fan of Louis C.K. and George Carlin, but I've had a number of friend give me nothing but blank stares when I try to show them clips. Once you find your own style, your audience will find you. I'm a huge fan of yours, and I wish you the absolute best of luck, and offer you a warning: It's rewarding, but you may well find it every bit as hard as starting out wrestling.

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