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sounds like you had a blast!! Really glad your stand up is doing well, cant wait for you to hit Nottingham UK in November - my soon to be wife has bought tickets for me as a birthday present :-)

Randall McNeill

Thank you for coming out mick, i was the guy in the crowd with the white board.

It was a great night and i hope more juggalos learn to respect everyone that is nice enough to show up and put on a great show for us.

Hope to see you next year and many more after.


Bob K

Thank you for coming out for the event. I'm glad it was a positive experience for you, as well all appreciated your presence. Good luck with your WWE endeavor, but if you are able to attend next year you will be welcomed back with respect and smiles.


Ha! This sounds like some sort of strange vacation, mixed with stand up, wrestling and commentary! According to a report of your show I read on Bleacher Report:(http://bleacherreport.com/articles/820974-report-of-mick-foleys-comedy-gig-in-long-island)
Sounded like fun, and the whole place was packed. I guess you can say that the show went better than last time!

Thanks for updating on this, these blog posts are fun to read!

Erik McHatton

Hey Mick, if you do return to WWE, I think this would be an awesome angle for you.


James Harris

MMFWCL Mick. Since Big Money Hustlas you are a legend in the dark carnival. We love you and hope you can grace us with your presense for many years to come! I hope you come back to the WWE and support guys like Punk, they deserve a legend fighting for them :)

barbara trumpinski-roberts

Hey Mick...I'm looking forward to seeing you at Dreamwave in October, and while I'm not a Juggalo i have to say, you've got class man....

Sean Teegardin

So glad to hear that you had a great time at the Gathering Cactus Sac. We Juggalo's will always love you. Please return again in the future if possible. You will always be a part of our family. Woot Woot. Clown love for life and please let everyone out there know that it is not all bad at the Gathering as long as the Juggalo's love & respect what you have done you will not be showered with piss & shit. Respect and we will respect you.


Mick was my first gathering to I could have had shit thrown at me to for all I had known but the atmosphere this year was great and you where awesome and when heard you would appear this year I knew there was no chance ya would be disrespected you are a Icon and Legend among Juggalos from strangle-mania to Big Money hustlers and most of us are wrestling fans have known you for years.
If your coming back to WWE would love to see You and Taker at Wrestle-Mania 28 ta both retire on that stage!!


Even though you are beyond a terrible wrestler and only got popular because of your ability to do stupid shit in a wrestling ring, the Juggalos always had a soft spot in out hearts for outcasts like you. Glad you had a great time, and please don't waste your time with a WWE return.


Thanks for coming to our family reunion, Mick. Although i missed your show it was only because you and Colt got pushed back so far that i had to leave to catch one of my favorite performers, who got hit with a rock and had to walk off stage anyhow. I'm deeply disapointed that i missed my once in a lifetime chance to meet one of my childhood heros, and I can only pray that you may someday decide to rejoin us amoungst the ranks of the wicked clowns.


Haha my friend told menwhen you brought the lacrosse stick out ppl asked why? My friend screamed cuz your from long island haha

Corey Poirier

Hi Mick:

I know this isn't perhaps the best way to contact you about a (phone based) media interview but I couldn't locate the info elsewhere - I publish a success based publication that helps share the success stories of leaders from all walks of life and I was interested in running a story for our readers about your conquoring of major obstacles (writing a bestseller without using a computer, tackling stand-up comedy after accomplishing so much in two previous careers, Wrestling & Writing, etc.) - I also perform stand-up (since 2002) and publish our publication so I believe I can give you article a great angle - and we have never run an article without at least letting those profiled / interviewed review it first.

Not sure of the best contact method so if interested, please contact me at islandbusinessnews@gmail.com or bookings@coreypoirier.com and I can provide additional info, sample of our publication and so on, and I'm more than happy to facilitate through your representation.

To date we have shared the stories of roughly 1000 Peak Performers and I can provide a list of those (and even links to those stories) as well.

Corey Poirier
Publisher, Island Business News


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