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I found this to be a really good read. It's nice to see someone show respect to the Divas in a time when they are treated like crap.


Good read, Mick. I find that some people are so negative regarding the Divas that they fail to see the vast improvements and hard work ethic they display.

Kelly can flat out GO, and I don't care what anyone says to the contrary. She's a tough tough woman.

Patrick Baker

A move you'd never seen? I hope you aren't referring to Kelly Kelly performing a Molly-Go-Round?

As usual, great blog :)

Steven Brey

Cool read Mick...28 was my first Wrestlemania and needless to say I now have the bug and plan on going next year...didn't get the chance to meet you but I hope to someday...much respect for your dedication in and out of the ring.

Wrestling not "Entertainment"

WWE blew it with their divas from a few years back. At one point, they had Taylor Wilde and Angelina Love who are now or at one point were in TNA, Tracy Taylor, and Krissi Vaine at Deep South Wrestling and did nothing with them. Wrestling fans want to see women who can wrestle. Entertainment fans want to just see a pretty face in tight clothing for 3 minutes. It's a shame.

Jackie Sweeney

Nice read! The Divas don't always get the credit they deserve.

Jackie x

Philly B

RE: Kelly Kelly and The Bellas: Hard working? Yes. Entertaining? No. Deserving? No. Highly talented? No. Can they put on a good match? No. Do I want to see them on my TV screen? No. So many people have dedicated their lives to wrestling and would give anything to get to the WWE, and are individually ten times the talent of those three combined. Watch Shimmer, then you'll see girls who work as hard, even harder, and are far more talented than those three as well as many others on WWE's books right now.


Fantastic blog, as always. The biggest problem with the Divas is that they always seem to be thrown on camera way, way too soon, and the trainers can only do so much with them in a short period. Have there been female wrestlers over the years that had no business whatsoever being in the ring? Absolutely. But there have been many, many more that started their careers with memorably horrible matches and have gone on to be amazing, amazing talent. Their development just needs to be slowed down, creative needs to stop rushing to get the pretty girls out on camera and work on developing skills and creating ring sense. Cause the vast majority of women grapplers aren't born with rasslin in their blood like Nattie, and aren't coming from amateur wrestling backgrounds like Beth. They are models looking for screen time. Or even young women with the passion, but not the abilities. It takes more than a pretty face to be a Diva just as it takes more than a 7' tall muscular build to be a wrestler.

Leanne Culverhouse

I miss the Womens division of the 2000s, when we had Lita, Trish, Ivory and Victoria to name but a few. What I do like at the moment is the way that Rosa Mendes is working in a managerial capacity and hope that this is a way to bring new " divas" in while they learn to wrestle. I hope that Beth and Natalya soon get to have the wonderful match we all know they are capable of.
Great blog Mick, and certainly thought provoking


This is not what I wanted to read about, Mick.


Good stuff, Mick. Interesting timing too...reports are the Bellas are choosing not to renew their contracts and are done at the end of the month. As for the girls being workers, WWE really needs Finlay back, or someone who can do what he did...he's the one that really made Trish and Candice shine. These days, Kelly Kelly tries, but she can't run ropes well at all.


Mick, I'm halfway wth you. I agree Kelly & the Bellas are very hard workers, but that doesn't mean they are doing the RIGHT work. Let them make public appearances, or do fundraising (like Eve did with you), or something like that.

I will flat-out stop watching the company entirely if Kelly ever wears that belt again!

Something Else

Oh boy, more creepy WWE Divas stuff that made me put down Hardcore Diaries


It's hard to take them serious when they are put in throw away matches. You're right - unless they are a Lita or Chyna they don't get the credit they deserve.


There has to be some sort of talent there to be able to step into a WWE ring. I will never take that away from performer. The problem with the Divas is the writing. They just aren't interesting. It's nearly impossible to become emotionally invested in these characters when they are given so little time on TV to develop. Here you had the "Divas of Doom" in Beth and Nattie and they have done nothing but job them out since. The writing just doesn't make sense when it comes to the Divas and that's just unfortunate.

jay fouz

Looooow blow socko! Said it out loud by not saying it at all. Real personal


Really good points here, totally agree, however, there is a huge double standard. No male wrestlers could perform in the ring or on the mic as poorly as The Bella's and still have their job. But because they were hired for their looks everyone goes, "oh, look how far they've come" well look how much further they have to go to be even half as good as Lita, Natalya and Beth Phoenix.
But overall I enjoy watching the Divas and no matter my feelings on the individual's themselves, I have to respect them for working hard and sticking to it. I just wish they had more of an opportunity to show the fans what they got!


Firstly, Mr. Foley, huge respect.

Secondly, I cannot begin to debate with you how tired the "they work hard" defense is.

They work so hard that their television appearance time has been steadily shrinking closer to zero.

They work so hard that the crowd is trained to sit on their hands for the 30-second classic they get weekly in the ring.

They work so hard that the champion makes no appearances for weeks at a time and nobody seems to question it.

They work so hard that Gail Kim walked out in the middle of a battle royal, eliminating herself because she was done with the company, and (according to er) nobody in management noticed until she told them.

The Divas have a problem. There is no denying it. The "they work hard" defense does not excuse WWE's constant, seemingly deliberate, attaempts to downplay their abilities and characters, the complete and utter lack of ability to keep them in compelling, coherent stories and thus build their characters.

In fact, defense makes it WORSE. If they work hard, why deny them bigger success and connection with the fans by leaving them high and dry with any time or material to work with on a weekly basis?

Simply put, I should not have to buy WrestleMania to get a women's match longer than a minute with an angle behind it.

Thirdly, Mr. Foley, there's a reason those first four names - Kharma, Lita, Beth Phoenix, Natalya Neidhart - are generally considered to be some of the few worthwhile women to have graced the company, women who and the Bellas and Kelly, and every other "model Diva" are...not considered that at all. There's a reason those first four can be pointed to, and you have a collection of not only the best women's matches WWE has ever put out in its history, but also the most cheered/jeered characters. You went through the reasons yourself.

Being more model-esque is fine, but it is no substitute for proven and trial-tested ability that can only come from earning one's dues in the ring *before they're snatched up by WWE because of a headshot.*

The sooner someone with pull in WWE acknowledges these problems, acknowledges that the Divas can do just fine if given ACTUAL time and effort, the sooner their matches will stop being referred to as piss breaks, and the sooner people can stop beating around the bush with this poor excuse of a defense that doesn't actually address the criticisms.

Because they - the women trying to perform in the ring, and the fans that want to see them succeed - deserve better.


Well that wasnt weird at all.


Fourth point, Mr. Foley: Why is it that one of the women you cited, Lita, has gone on record at WWE's own WM Axxess event sayign that it's sad to see where the division has gone?

Again, I have the alrgest amount of respect oen can have for you, your opinion ,and the women who survive WWE's schedule and machinations. But, there's a problem, and someone needs to stand up for it.


This is all one mans opinion, and he's entitled to it. But by the same token, there are countless wrestlers who have stated that a lot of these women (including two similar looking women Foley is defending in this article) are pampered far more than their male counterparts, get hired based on their looks alone and aren't against the idea of shagging their way into a regular place on the televised roster. Which I admit isnt exclusive to just the women (this is wrestling after all), but when Mick Foley was sitting literally pulling out his own hair at the very thought of Marc Mero being signed to far more money than him in 1996 based on his body and looks, maybe Foley will feel some kind of kinship in the idea that these women arent lost little puppies desperate for acceptance and their skills to be respected. Most are 10 a penny and dont add anything to the product, due to their idea of improving their craft being sitting under a tanning bed until their skin is as leathery as the title belt covers.

I'd have thought Foley would have far more sense than to write dribble like this, considering the paths he's had to over come to be the success he became.


really? REALLY? this is the blog that took you a week to write? How bout putting over Dean Ambrose? That's what we really want to see....


I don't even know who Dean Ambrose is....


What do you mean, Patrick, a Molly-... oh. I get it. :P

Though it's not EXACTLY a Crack Smash. Okay, it's a standing top rope Crack Smash.

And as always, keep up this writing thing. Call me crazy but I think you know a thing or two about it...


Hi, Mick! :) I must say, I agree with you. I'll say first hand, I'm not a fan of many of todays divas. But I think a lot of people, especially on the internet, don't give credit where it's due. And not liking said diva doesn't mean that they haven't worked hard, etc.

I've come to enjoy the Bellas... perhaps enjoy a few others. I LOVE Eve. I think she deserves a chance to shine... really shine. I think also that a lot of people expect girls like Lita and Trish all the time, while Trish and Lita are "gems" so to say, and aren't simply "made" like some seem to like to be. You can't just throw a wrestling outfit on a girl and expect Trish Stratus which I think in some peoples eyes, should be how it works.

I have a friend who trained to wrestle... who I know loves wrestling more than anything and she'll say first hand, how hard it was for her... and that not everyone is cut out to be the Lita or Trish, or Chyna. I think that many believe that as long as you're trained to wrestle, you will be that person and it doesn't seem that easy.

Still though, I think like you said, they do deserve more credit, and that they work their butts off. While I still wish that girls like Sara Del Rey and so many others who are working their butts off to be in that spot get their chance, it's not like they weren't put through moments where it was wrestling and not just high heels and smiles (as I've read that about todays divas, how that's all their "good" for). It just seems ignorant to me to say that they never worked for what they've done, as well.

I like that you stand up for people, Mick. It's something I've always admired about you and I love that you're not afraid to say something that others might not agree with. Stop being so darn amazing, you're making the rest of us look bad! Haha! Just kidding... but seriously, please keep being awesome.

Joseph D.

I really think if given that opportunity to perform longer matches and giving them some air time will eventually make them better, I mean look at NXT Redemption on WWE.com ...WOW I have my eyes on AJ on Smackdown and Kaitlyn and Maxine on NXT along with Natalya and Tamina Snuka have longer and entertaining matches and segments.


I like you blog Mick. Not many people use the typepad platform anymore. Most have moved to wordpress sadly. :[


Two words. Marc Mero.

Come on Mic, I've read all your books (the non wrestling ones too) You should know how frustrating it can be for someone not "wwe material) looking to get work in an industry where your ability to work seemingly means nothing compared to your looks.

A lot of the so called "talent" that WWE hires for their diva division is only there because of their plastic looks, not their ability to work. As a result the diva division has become a joke. Out of all the stupidity and silly skits modern wwe produces, diva matches are the only thing my family and friends will complain about during the show (except my dumber neanderthal friends, but they don't think with their brains and they most assuredly don't BUY any of your product).

Beth Phoneix and a few other divas with actual wrestling backgrounds work hard to produce decent matches. A lot of the TNA knockouts CAN work hard (when they're in indie promotions not weighted down by poorly written storylines) But I don't consider being half naked work, not when there is plenty of talented women on the indie scene who just want to do what they love. Not make an easy pay check.

I don't watch wrestling for sex, I have sex for sex, I can watch porn for sex and FOR FREE. I watch wrestling for wrestling. Real wrestling fans who put down their hard earned dollars (such as myself) feel the same damn way. I like a half naked woman dressed in revealing latex as much as the next guy but there's a time and place for everything and the WRESTLING ppv I pay for is not the place.


There MUST be someone with enough influence in the back to campaign for more time for the Divas. Whether it's you Mick or Lita, it's all well saying how disappointing the Divas division is but someone needs to bloody campaign and insist on more time for the Divas!

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