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Daniel Lawless

Come on Mick I saw the tweet he didn't mention them directly mistakes happen and people get carried away, I say this with complete respect, he doesn't need you to get over he is gonna be a huge star if allowed to be himself. But a feud between you and ambrose is a match made in heaven, with you keeping up your DDPYOGA it will give your fans one last great memory in a feud with heat not some random last match, don't do it for ambrose do it for your fans. Go out with a BANG! BANG!

Keith Fabe



hope you guys can put together a nice storyline, but knowing creative, i'll give it 3 weeks before it's forgotten about and Ambrose is buried.

Casey S.

I say you do everything in your power so "Dean Ambrose" (Jon Moxley) never gets over. He doesn't want to eat, or plan for a future, or buy a house, or have money for retirement. Bury him Mick. Bury him so he has to go work at retail job for the rest of his live.

If the front office makes you guys have a match, sell nothing. Pull a Paul Roma on him and make him look weak in front of 30k(a couple million watching at home) people.

Do it for the people that didn't put you over in the beginning of your career. Act just as jaded and selfish as they were. In fact, break his damn leg for real so his career is guaranteed dead. That's the real Mick Foley.

B. Reed

You are a class act and have handled this situation as such. You owe the wrestling industry absolutely nothing. Take care of yourself and your family.


Respect is earned never given. If a simple request cannot be followed in any way, shape, or form...especially when it comes to someone's family...how can you trust them? For a storyline or not, you can't get into the ring with someone who doesn't respect what/who has gone before. Mick...You have done some crazy things in your career. I was a fan then, I am a fan now. I don't believe you have anything left to prove...to anyone! Dean Ambrose needs to shut up, show respect and earn his way in, or he needs to pick a new career. Just my humble opinion....


Mick I was at the Melon Arena when you took those huge bumps at the 1998 King of the Ring. At the time, I was only 8. I knew nothing of pro wrestling but when I watched you walk out of that arena (with a little help) you became a hero to me. You don't have to prove anything to anyone. Who the hell is Dean Ambrose anyway?



I saw Dean Ambrose in a dark match at WWE Raw/Superstars in London today. The guy exudes charisma. He's gonna be huge.

Much respect to you, though. Mick. You don't owe anybody anything, after all.

Mark Cunningham

I look forward to buying the book. I look even more forward to what Ambrose is eventually going to drag out of you. This is a man you helped to create, Mick. Whether you feud with him or not, whether this is a shoot or a work, this is the wrestler you created. When Snuka put the stars in your eyes, you put the blood in his.

A Facebook User

you know mick it is really sad that you don't like Dean Ambrose and he never mentioned your kids so why don't you be a man and quit hiding behind the suits




The same guy who storyline forgot who is family was gets his depends in a wad? Dean Ambrose is taking you to a level you havent reached in years. You are obviously afraid. With good reason...what do you have to gain? Sure you beat the kid and people forget within weeks. But the alternative? You lose EVERYTHING! Stay home Mick. Stay home with your beautiful kids and gorgeous wife. Cling to them and stay away from Dean Ambrose. He would gain too much destroying you and exposing you for your hardcore sins.


If there is anything Mick has proven in his career, it is that he is a good person. If he sensed this Ambrose guy is not, I trust the man with the years of experience. Ambrose probably will get a chance, and Mick will probably forgive him enough to wish no ill will towards him. And that is probably more than the guy deserves.


Mr. Foley I respect your response and how you are handling it. However sir for your health, I urge you to really watch your back. The guy you are dealing with is volatile and certainly cannot be trusted with ANYTHING. So keep your friends close and your enemies, even closer. Because if you don't, Mr. Ambrose will certainly do all in his power to put it all together and have it come crashing down on you.

Marky Markerson

It's still real to me dammit!


You can't hide from him Foley. He has you in his sights. Bang bang.

Concerned Michigan Mom

You will have to be held accountable. For Necro Butcher. For Sami Callihan. For Drake Younger. For every broken body. For every broken neck.

I believe in justice. I believe in wrestling. But most of all I believe in Dean Ambrose.



1] I am a HUGE Foley fanatic & know nothing about Ambrose, so I am fully behind you in that.

2] May look to buy your children's books for my nephews.

3] What I am NOT behind is two uses of the letter "m" in "amount".

Kyle Goldman

Anybody who doesn't think this is a work is seriously brain dead. All the people attempting to kiss Foley's ass by telling him to bury Ambrose are embarrassing themselves because Foley is WORKING WITH Ambrose to create an absolutely phenomenal angle. Thank you both. Can't wait to see where this goes...


Foley you lost all the respect you had once you went over to TNA to help contribute kill the business with Flair and Hogan. Do everyone a favor and don't bury the new talent/

Hash Brown

"I certainly wouldn't want to be one of the young guys facing someone like Skip Sheffield (yeah, I know he has a new name, but I don't know it yet)" Mick is it that hard to do a simple google search? come on man.

Ryan Alexander Cornelius Lumsden

There you go, Mick, you've become the Dynamite Kid that you hated so much. You're an old, bitter, broken down wrestler who hates the younger generation. And while you've never stiffed him in a match, you've certainly stiffed Dean Ambrose in this blog. Call him up and talk to him, don't post a public blog trying to ruin his credibility.

Shame on you.

Danny Vega

I've seen this Dean Ambrose guy and quite franky I think he is WAAAAAY over-rated. He has a small indy fanbase, indyrrific. Trust is everything and for those here saying hes gonna be a big star, I dont see it. Mick, you're doing the smart thing.

A Facebook User

I've been reading the comments and it seems there are 2 types of people: Foley Fans and Ambrose Fans. There are hardly a mix. I am in the mix. I enjoy both your work and would love to see a promo-program. No need for a match. No need to hurt your body even more. Mick, for a promo, and I mean a true in-ring not in a hotel lobby promo, what do you have to lose? A little bit of time.

What do you have to gain? Verbally putting someone over, which isn't grand, I know.

What does he have to lose? Everything.

What does he have to gain? Everything.

This is an angle that has never been done before, something that could help rejuvenate the business at a time where tons of fans from different generations are coming together for the product.

Jack Wright

I'm frankly amazed how much publicity Ambrose is getting whilst still being in developmental. I don't even think Daniel Bryan got this much attention during his time in FCW.

I really hope that i get the chance to see this feud develop on my television. Mick has always been able to tell a good story, and has a decent history of helping younger stars achieve their potential. In fact, I'm struggling to think of anyone who has been more successful at doing so.

Should this never happen, I think Ambrose will be OK. He's not a one trick pony, he's a whole field of ponies. He SHOULD reach the top regardless. It's just that without Foley's help, it may be a slow rise.

Failing Mick, I would like to see Ambrose work with Punk and Regal. He's worked with both in FCW and has tore the house down with each of them. Unfortunately, Punk may be considered too high on the card for a debut feud. And whilst I love me some Regal, he seems to be caught up in NXT.

Regal would make a great manager for Ambrose though, not that he needs the mouth piece. But Regal does have a silver tongued brilliance. If Regal chose to do so, I think he could persuade the world that putting the WCW title on David Arquette was the greatest moment in the history of wrestling. (Maybe that's too much exaggeration?)

Either way Mick, I can't tell if you're being serious with this blog or not. Which probably just means you're doing a hell of a job as always. What else did I expect from a NYT bestseller? Good luck with whatever it is you decide to do.


Just cuz Mr. Foley won't face Ambrose doesn't mean Cactus Jack wouldn't wanna step up...


I am back to read the new blog. I maintain my following, & thoughts about buying the books for my young nephews.

However, as a person who wants to be a writer myself (not medically cleared to wrestle), I continue to wonder about that "great deal of thought" you referred to on Twitter.

1] "...somewhare" in the middle in the 2nd paragraph?!

2] a random "s" in the 4th, in between mentions of your home & children?!

Justin Clark

Worse things have happened to better people. Where it goes from here is up in the air, but I'm sure both parties will be just fine.

Jeff Alexander

I am a avid follower of one Dean Ambrose..i haven't been this exited about a wrestler in a long time... As a 25 year fan of wrestling Id like to say I know a thing or to about it...In this day in age in what wrestling has become.. It's a bit difficult for there to be something COMPELLING come along.. Something that feels real.. Something that just captures you.. This was something that many of us was getting in to.. But alas it seems we will never see this chapter in you Latest book come to a close.. Ive followed many of his tweets and as I can see where you might get the Idea he was attacking your family.. there was no direct attack up until you released this blog.. Much to Mr Ambrose Credit it's a lost art to be able to take the simplest of storylines and make it seem personal.. REAL.. And Dean has managed to do this to the point where you yourself has taken it personal and requested that your his presents not even be near you on smackdown.. Mr Foley You do indeed deserve respect.. I know.. I was a HUGE fan of yours.. I followed you for years.. I feel you don't get enough credit for your roll in the additude Era. You main evented a lot of PPV and put asses in the seats just on the bounds of "What is foley going to do next.. But sadly.. So you've earned this Antiquated Ego you have and You've earned the right in this buissness to say NO..But with that said, At 46 years old.. I think it might be best if this effects you that much to take your bag..Unpack it.. And stay home.. And let the new big boys play.. Cause If Ambrose can effect you like this..Just imagin what he's gonna do In the WWE with everyone else.. Maybe He did lose his golden ticket from you..But I'm sure he will find his own. Too bad you wont be a part of that..Thanks Mick...For everything...

Dean Ambrose Supporter

I'd agree with Dean being a bit too harsh if you were taking him seriously.

Now, just because he "said something I told him not to say", you're still ignoring the reason why he's going after you in the first place.

In what world do you live in where someone who dislikes you has to respect you as well? You were always the nicest guy in wrestling, and always will be, but you've also been very narrow minded as well.

Take Beyond the Mat, for instance, where it took reviewing the footage shot for you to get a clue that what you were doing could be harmful to more than just your body.

I know I don't have to go into detail about that.

You can say that he's a great worker, or so you've been told as you point out, but that same respect you wanted from Ambrose was never given to him.

You advertised this answer as being more thought out, and yet you compared his vendetta with you with a promo you did with Ric Flair.

How is that not saying, "I understand where you're coming from, I heard it before, and did an angle on it on TV once.", as if something he takes to heart meant very little to you?

If you expect Ambrose to lay off now that you said this, that's like accidentally using a gallon of gasoline that you thought was water to put out a fire.

This lost generation he speaks of must be something that you're emotional about as well. I bet you don't like to be reminded of it again and again either.

Now that you've found yourself immensely offended by Ambrose, you can perhaps realize to yourself that what crossed the line for you isn't even close to the line that he feels you've crossed for him.

This response has brought you to the point of no return. You like to allude to Willy Wonka? Well, whoever Charlie may be that you're giving the golden ticket to, Dean Ambrose is the zombie corpse of Veruca Salt that will instead do to Charlie what she was going to do to Willy Wonka.

Have a nice day. :)


"Maybe I would have cut a heck of a promo about it in 1995. Seventeen years later, I just wanted to get the fuck away from the whole scenario. It's not fun, it's not cutting edge. It just sucks."

If the 2012 Mick Foley truly feels this way then he should stay home because he clearly doesn't have the passion necessary to do anything other than comedy sketches.

I also find it more than a little hypocritical that the guy who allowed his hysterical children to be shown in Beyond The Mat is now worried that something Dean Ambrose says on twitter might upset them.

I've read all of Mick Foley's books & will always contend that he's the best promo guy in the history of the business...or at least he was. This blog seems to indicate Foley just doesn't have it anymore. He's either unable or unwilling to channel true emotion into his work. This makes me sad because the guy I grew up loving simply no longer exists.


I just started following you on Twitter, Mick, and I don't have the whole story here, but I hope this is a work. Right now, he's sounds like someone I wouldn't want setting up the ring for me, let alone I'd want to be in the ring with.

He can't honor a very simple request, he doesn't deserve the rub of being in the ring with you.

Money might be there... Money can be gotten a lot of ways.

Jack Wright

Ahhh wrestling, you can never be sure what's a "work" and what isn't. If it isn't..... I think you may have taken things out of context. Hopefully you actually have a proper conversation with Ambrose and clear the air, hear his side of things, and then make up your mind about him as a person.

If it is a "work"..... Well played.

Here's hoping for an Ambrose vs Foley match soon. (Although you are spot on about Ziggler).


After watching that piss-poor skit at WrestleMania with you and the deadliest catch losers, it's looks like there's not much you will say "no" to!


Hi, Mick. Holy crap, I do not know how I did not know (wow, that's a mouthful) about this until a few days ago...

I'm an avid follower of the indys here in NY, and was actually front row for Ambrose's last indy match... and I loved it. However, I don't know if this is "work" or "shoot" (I try to refrain from using the words that I think are meant for only wrestlers to use, but honestly, its late and I can't think of better wording) and honestly, I can't imagine how disappointing to me as a fan of Ambrose if this is something "shoot" (as I can't see how someone could intentially disrespect you in any way because you go out of your way to help/be nice to/etc/etc people and just be awesome in general) but either way, its definitely been interesting to read. And if this ends up on my TV... I wouldn't be disappointed, either. ;)

... for the record though, a match between you and Miz/or Dolph would be absolutely freakin' awesome if you ask me. :)


Reading just some of these comments, people have mixed emotions about this whole thing. I grew up watching you every Monday. While people put all the blame on not just you, but the whole hardcore wrestling type, they should also put the blame on the people for not having the common sense to not attempt what's on Tv. Even though ive never meet you, I respect you.

James Gibson

Mick, you've been one of my all-time favorites since I was a teenager, and you're the performer I probably have the most respect for.

In the past few months, I've also come to love watching Ambrose in FCW. So when this angle first came up, I was more excited than I've been in a LONG time.

So I hate that it ends this way, but I respect the decision. If it's something you feel that seriously about, you handled it with the utmost class. Hope we still see plenty of you. With no plans inolving Ambrose, maybe you can put Johnny Ace in your sites. :) Mick Foley for RAW/Smackdown GM!

PS, Hope you put your stand-up on DVD! I'd love to see it.

Eeee You



I know it's not written as such, but the blog had the same effect on me as a great promo would. Namely, it got me annoyed at Ambrose and sympathetic towards yourself.

Ambrose has a ton of potential, but if this is what he believes is the best way to make a name for himself, he is sadly mistaken.


You Guys Who Disrespect Mick Foley SUCK!!!! You Guys are Not REAL WRESTLING FANS!!! Mick Foley Gave More than Any other man in The History of Pro Wrestling and You Pieces of Shit have the Gaul to Sit Behind your Fucking Keyboards and Show Such DISRESPECT!!!! You People Make ME SICK!!!! Dean Ambrose is a SHIT STAIN on The Business of Pro Wrestling just Live you Loser Fans Are!!

Rob from Lowell

What a sanctimonious SOB this guy sounds like. I know you don't like being called legend Mick but that's what you are to me, the reason I tried (failed miserably) to get into the business. I wish it were possible to get Cactus from 1995 to beat the living tar out of him... Set that ball bat on fire and nail him with it. You have nothing to prove, you've given the fans the best of you F this guy!

PS: if this is a work, it's great stuff but it just doesn't seem it!


my first thoughts on this was very simple Mick Foley is above this crap. the #thanksmick crap Ambrose has been using like the video of a botched moonsault is just ridiculous you can blame guys like Jeff Hardy or Billy Kidman for moonsaults though I don't view it that way. If a kid loses a ear or has a c4 match accident ok maybe you can blame Mick lol. but it seems more like grasping at straws. and as I have said before Gimmick or not it's all in bad taste and doesn't make me want to see any kind of match it just makes me want to see him go away.

David Germain

I caught wind of this whole thing through a tweet via @cmpunk , after watching the vid I was thinking,"Man if that was set up then it was great, if it's real that whoa is that messed up."

What was even more messed up was all the comments that followed that seemed to be made up of supporters and haters of Mick. It was disheartening to see such venom fly at a guy who has been pretty open and honest about his career through his interviews as well as his literary work. I think the main thing that has bothered me about all of this is that there are people in this world who take responsibility for their actions and their words and those who don't.

Mick has gone through great lengths to show all sides of himself, he shows the good and the bad of his choices and yet is still a fairly fulfilled guy, I think this is what the haters can't stand.

Mick is the kid in class that did his homework and is in his seat ready to learn and all the haters are the rowdy kids calling him names and goofing off. Well its 2012 and all his hard work paid off and the rest of the haters are still just standing around goofing off with no one to make fun of because the rest of the class has left them behind years ago.The good news is that its not too late for the haters or anyone else for that matter, if anything I've learned from watching Mick Foley's career is that there's always a way to improve.

As for the whole Mick is to blame for everything, Mick is about as responsible for wrestlers injuries as Ozzy and Dungeons and Dragons are for teen suicide in the 1980s. It goes back to responsibilities people. As sad as it is that people got hurt and as much as I wish none of them were injured it was THEIR BODIES , THEIR MINDS, and ultimately THEIR CHOICE.

I hope they all get better soon and I mean that in every sense of the word.


I think the most amazing thing about this is...who the hell is Dean Ambrose?


Whether this is a work/storyline/gimmick (whatever it's called now,) I'm not going to ask. Anyone under the age of 18 DOES NOT belong in, any form, a "work" that involves violence. I sat and watched Ric Flair's kids get beat up by Eric Bischoff and his cronies when WCW was around. I turned WCW and never watched again. I never thought WCW was as good as WWF/WWE, but I enjoyed it, until that point. It's one of the reasons I just can't get in to TNA because Bischoff is there.

I've spent my life being surrounded by abused kids, and adults that were abused as children, it's a sensitive thing for me. And if this is where the WWE up and coming talent feels they need to go to "get over." WWE will lose this fan. I was held Bob Backlund when I was 9 months old, I met Kerry Von Eric 9 months before he passed away (I kept my promise to him.) I'vemet MIck Foley (honored to say twice,) Edge, Shawn Michaels, and a score of other wrestlers. No one under the age of 18 belongs as part of a "work." I get extremely uncomfortable when kids are even mentioned.

Mick, I respect you, I adore you, you have nothing to prove to me or your fans. I'm sure your wife and kids would be very happy to have you home and rest. You deserve it. So, when are you going in to the Hall Of Fame?


The new generation of kayfabe;

Social media interaction.

Well played Mick Foley and Dean Ambrose for making me actually interested in anything at all the WWE has offered in the past five years.

Well done.


Kudos to the dude that wrote -Mick is about as responsible for wrestlers injuries as Ozzy and Dungeons and Dragons are for teen suicide in the 1980s- You rule!

Mick Foley is awesome! I was a huge fan. I don't know all the details of the situation BUT you know what happen after WIlly Wonka says YOU LOOSE! to Charlie?

Oh and the indy wrestler that should be in the spot light is the great EL GENERICO!

Have a nice day!


Dear Lord, your head is still swimming from a concussion? A year and a half ago?

Sir, you should not be in the ring _at all_. I mean it. Sit down and write a book, then bring your comedy act to Orlando. I'll buy six copies for my friends and then buy tickets to the show no questions asked. But having that much of a trouble with a concussion is seriously bad news.

You're probably deeply at risk for CTE already, and ... okay, the worst case of CTE documented in history, the one you did a chapter in your book about, was thankfully, BLESSEDLY unique in the studies of the condition. So much so that I believe it to be a combination of factors on top of the condition that caused the tragedy. But that still means that there's quite a risk for severe irrational behavior. Andrew Martin suffered from this, as an example.

Please, for your own sake if not for the sake of your children, don't ever take a bump again in your life. I'll even buy Tietam Brown if you say you won't. Heck, I'll do that anyway next time I'm in B+N.


that jabronie deserves nothing from you Mick, you did the right thing...

and of course he's gonna be a big star down the road, but not because he's as awesome as his marks say, but because he's one of HHH's guys

the guy himself is one of the most overrared wrestlers in years, like someone else said on the comments, not even Daniel Bryan got as much hype going on when he was in developmental, and say what you want but Moxley is no Danielson

Jack Wright

Of course Mick isn't to blame for their injuries. Ambrose has just being using it to fuel the feud. Kids, it's called a storyline. If this was ever to make it to tv, they need something to be fighting about.

I'd just like to clarify...

Ambrose said those things about his kids being starved as a shot at Mick. He said he'd rather that than Mick make another dime out of wrestling. He wasn't being literal with it... and frankly, i've heard nothing but good things about how well Mick has invested his money. Plus, all the people around the world, who love Mick, would never see it happen. So never going to happen.

Obviously Mick took a bit of offence to this, and had a word with Ambrose regarding it. Note this was AFTER Ambrose had tweeted it and likely didn't know that Mick would take it so personal.

Afterwards he posted a tweet asking Mick how he would feel if it was his kids in wheelchairs. This is a reference to what Ambrose has being saying all along, that because of Mick many wrestlers have injured themselves trying to reach the bar, that Foley set, in order to get over. Ultimately shortening their careers. Again, not Micks fault, as it is up to the individual wrestler to make those moves. But, in storyline terms, a great point.

Now he's not out there saying "I'm going to put Micks kids in wheelchairs", or "Wouldn't it be great if they ended up in wheelchairs" or even wish/hope for anything like that. Every person who chooses wrestling as a career, is putting their body, sometimes lives, on the line almost every single night. And guess what... They're someones kids. Unfortunately people have died, been paralyzed, had life threatening injuires in the ring.

Now being as Ambrose is "blaming" Mick for these types of injuries, as some of what he did was pretty insane (Seriously, he must be a cat with all those lives he seems to posess). I must reiterate how great of a point it was in storyline terms.

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