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You are correct Mick.
We requested loads and Zoe didn't follow us.

Mic Christensen

@realmickfoley I am fan of yours since the cactus jack era, and plus my name is mic, I will leave it at that bang bang


thats more of a fan rant or twitter rant rather than a cena rant... but still, entertaining read and so so true.


I never watched wrestling "in your day", but YouTube has allowed me to watch the Attitude Era days and I'm now a big fan of yours and of course "The Rock". I loved the Rock & Sock Connection. No need to follow me..just wanted you to know.


You're onto them! They're just trying to get to Cena through you.

Jessica De Franceschi

I'm a John Cena fan but I am also a fan of yours! As of right now John Cena is my favorite WWE wrestler. But if you were still in the WWE you deff would be my favorite. I have not seen anyone like you with so much heart and soul for wresting. You gave 150% every fight you've done. I have watching almost all of your wrestling matches. The most memorable is with the undertaker in the steel cage match. I have never ever seen anyone wrestle the way you do. But out of all wrestlers in/out of the WWE you are defineity number one and one of my favorites!

Eric C

I can honestly say that I've never asked anyone to follow me on Twitter or Facebook or any other social media site. I try my hardest to limit the followers I have to people I either know or respect. On Facebook, with just a couple of exceptions, every one of my 44 friends is someone I personally know. If someone wants to follow me, I tend to wonder why...

Eric C

Oh, and I am a big fan of yours, and have been for a long time. I just don't care if you follow me...


Kind off topic here but just wanted to note that I would love to see a Cactus Jack vs John Cena fight, Not some WWE PG stuff but like ECW Cactus Jack.

chris m

There's a folenation? Am I that out of the loop? Mick, how do i get in on this. Is there a Funknation too? Or should it be a chainsaw charlienation? (Way to disgrace a legend,WWE) Anyways, c'mon Mick, I want in, this will be the best nation ever.

Tim Church

I like a lot of Cena's matches, but prefer his promos. Calling his PPV matches "great" is in many cases stretching it.

As for you, wearing my Foley T-shirt, have 2 Sockos, an autographed book, & a pic taken with you.



c d

I agree with this 100% I follow hulk hogan on twitter and probably everyday I see people begging for a re tweet or a follow and as you have touched on most of there handles dont even mention the hulkster

Rich Pan

That Deschannel v Cena match really stunk the place up!! Talk about cow palace more like cow chip palace.

Sean M.

Excellent post. I enjoy watching Cena.....but over the years I enjoyed watching you more Mick. The thing I always admired most about you was that you are real.......and this post is real......nuff said.


Haha this reminds me of the Bill Goldberg story from "Foley Is Good". That Said, sir, let me just give props for the honest appraisal of fandom in general, and as somehow who has maybe read Have a Nice Day an...unhealthy amount of times (to the point where I was told I had to stop writing so "casually" throughout high school, and now write that very same way semi-professionally), I can't say I'm your 'biggest' fan, but I think I'm probably up there in terms of appreciation and inspiration factor.


You have always been one of my favorite wrestlers.your matches were unforgettable.setting yourself on ,tacks,landing on glass or being thrown off the top of a steel cage.I watched TNAonly when you were there I am glad that you were finally inducted into the hall of fame you deserve it keep up the good work

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